Bailey vs Johnson

Does anyone have the video of the Donovan Bailey Michael Johnson race?

yep i do, couple of diff versions and an interview

Post it up!!! :smiley:

Yes!! Do It!

Los if you need webspace private message me and i’ll do it for you.

me want see.

looke here …

thanks man. mj pulling up was kind of lame.

This was a cool clip! You can really see where the difference comes in for a 100m sprinter. Bailey has made up the stagger by 35-40m Thats impressive. I guess it is 150m right? Any more videos?


Very good clip, was MJ injured b4 this race? I don’t know, but he should’ve really pumped it through to the end. When was it run anyway?

June 1997 Sky Dome/Roger’s Centre (not sure if they are the same place or if the location changed) Toronto

A friend told me he found some work by a statistician on the race. The dude said that Bailey, on a good day might have ran like a 13 seconds!!!

Baileys post-race comments where better than the actual race.

can i ask you a favour ? ( don´t worry, i already have this race :slight_smile:
could please post some of the Bailey words about that race ?


I WAS THERE!!! :smiley:

A friend of mine and I flew up from the east coast just to see that race!


I met Mark Mccoy at that race and got his autograph as well. The energy in that place when they were getting ready to run was INSANE!


I agree and it was one of the rare times a saw a Canadian Sprinter who fired back at not only Johnson but the American Press! Gave them a dose of their own medicine! I would not have apologized afterwards though!

Yeah But if you notice as soon as Bailey passed MJ, MJ started accelerating more, then pulled up shortly after…. If MJ was at his best, I think the race would’ve been very close with Bailey trying to hang on at the end with some aggressive bobbing.

Bailey won in a 14.99 looking back while MJ ran the 150 in 14.72 running a full 100m curve during Atlanta. It would’ve been close!

Nevertheless, Bailey was the man!

does someone have an ftp i can upload to? i have the post race interview as well as 2 diff versions of the race.

If you haven’t seen it already, there is a clip of the interview on the link posted.

Track needs more head-to-heads like that. We need HEALTHY rivalry for the sport to progress.

In the UK we had a situation in the past where sprinters like Linford and Daley were “handicapped” in special races to liven things up.