backward/forward roll start drill

does anyone have a link or know what the start drill is called where you roll backwards on the floor then roll forward onto your feet and accelerate off?

I’m sure it’s on the GPP dvd.
Done showing a guy not accelerating off, but diving onto a high jump mat

It is not on GPP as I just went through it to check.
In the GPP I am doing most of the med ball drills we used to do.
throws down the field.
single hop, double hop and triple hop throws.
The drill you are asking about is very easy to do. I am going to try and find where it is but it might be in one of the South African series footage tapes.
Roll back with your feet over the head and upon your roll back you can do a push pass with the med ball and then run or you can push forward into a push up postition ( you need to do this on the grass) and then accelerate over 10 or 15 meters.
Soon I will be doing a review of the products so people can understand what product contains what info. This project is long over due.

I remember it is in the GPP, probably the last one of the explosive med ball exercises

Med Ball Accel I and II, no?

correct @ approx 25.25 just after the single hop, double hop and triple hop throws.

thanks guys
I have been scanning the footage but missed it

i tried this drill yesterday (without med ball just roll back then forward and fall into start) and i must say it works amazing for getting a “feel” for the acceleration position !