Back On Business.

Hello guys, its been along time.

When i last posted here, beleave it or not i was just out of highschool, and i thought i was kinder Cool:D. Y’all know who i am, and its nice to be back. Since i was last part of these forums, i have been to University, took a gap year, then kind of just never went back for my own reason’s. I’m not that young crazy, but passionate kid i once was, life experiences have made me somewhat of a man.

My sprinting ambitions kind of fizzled out, but they have never truly left me. For one i have never gave it my best shot, and circumstances have always affected my training along with my unstable personality.

“I’m a great underciever and i have never did myself justice in life”

My life now consists of debating weather i want to go back to Uni, I’m not a model, but i do fashion shows from time to time. Also I’m trying to sort out some Personal training courses…

But the fashion shows and stuff…

Maybe when i get in Lenny Kravtiz type leanshape, i will take that abit further. I’m getting there now, ive actually got a show coming up pretty soon…

But the bottom line is, this is Sprinting forum. And guys I’m back on Businesss, i’m back on business and this time i need all the help and motivation i get.

I’m 24 years old now, and the time is now. My personal best in the sprints, still stand at them marks i set when i was 18 years old…

And i refuse to accept that, that is it for me. I wasn’t even a developed 18 years old, and since then ive not strung together a full season.

I’ve blown up to 15stone, when i just went gym crazy and just wanted to be big, ive messed around in boxing, but i have never stuck at anything.

But through all the things ive been through, all the hard times. Ive always thought of myself, as a Winner. Maybe times, ive debated with myself…TRYING to define what winning is.

And i think its just about doing yourself Justice, that’s winning and that’s being a winner.

And i just want to do myself Justice guys, not just on track but in life.

If i don’t do myself Justice now, i never will.

Is this the legend of old forums Mr Cool?? Where you been man!? Welcome back!

Yes its me man.

And thank you.

Hows you…???

Ive been allot of places man, all that matters is that i’m back. Regarding sprinting, ive been back trainning for about 1 month now.

I’m self trainning myself at the moment, but i would rather have it that way, when your training for the 100m.

I’m not as passionate about sprinting as i once used to be. I hardly watch it on TV anymore, and i just catch what is on youtube time after time.

But Justice needs to be done in my life, and justice needs to be done on the track.

If all goes to plan, i look to compete on June 29th.

First one back.

Are you Mr Shuman Cool (spelling?)

And would training for sprinting help your ‘physique model’ look?

Yeh thats me.

Sprinting does help with my physique, sprinters have the best physique’s out of all sports athlete’s. Which in my opinion can cross over into general life…guys like Dwain Chambers, Ato Boldon, Dennis Mitchell, Leonard Scott, Jon Drummond, Maurice Greene…

I don’t really do any weight trainning at the moment, just weighted push ups with perfect push up handles and bent over rows, and some rotator cuff exercises…maybe some biceps aswell.

I’m 5"11/6"0 and i weight 13stone, i think thats 81/82kg. Starting to get quite lean, i’m on my way but i will not be satisfied until ive got a Roy Jones type abs.

The reason why i laid off the modeling was because i was not in 100% condition. Mainly just being lean, muscular wise i look quite developed.

My mum was always on my back to take up offers, but i have deliberately ignored them.

Because i was not in 100% condition. Compared to the average joe, i was just in ok shape.

But Ok is not good enough for me.

I’ll pm you later with regards to what you asked me bro.

That rings too many bells, unfortunately…

With yourself…?

I admit it on my behalf, and i have got to deal with it now.

Well, myself, good friends & ex-teammates.

I’ve come good now, but I grew up with footballers (soccer) who had incredible potential to be professionals & be certain millionaires. Unfortunately for them they found girls, nightclubs, alcohol etc, a few got reoccurring injuries, but I have seen so much potential go by the wayside.

It took me some years to get my arse into gear after having potential early on. I had the opportunity to be a professional golfer, gave up at 19 playing off a 1 handicap (basically scratch). I could have made it in cricket, athletics, cycling, almost anything, but I’m in soccer now.

Sounds abit like myself…

I have afew friends who are involved in football, that’s what we call it in Liverpool man.

So many stories, just like what you told me.

I have a friend who is going away to America, for the second time on a scholarship. He left his first Soccer Scholarship after 2 years, because the team was falling about and they where all just doing it…to be there.

Its easy as fuck to get a scholarship in America for Soccer, i could prob get one if i wanted. I’m a pretty good footy player, and want to start playing it again. Just like Basketball in the states, that’s all we ever did…day in day out.

Playing football…

“You have to Sacrifice for Success”

I was once told this on the phone, when a X training partner was trying to motivate me to come back to athletics. It was one of the most inspirational moments of my life, just standing there on my blackberry…:smiley:

I just want to achieve something, to reclaim some pride back in myself as a person.

Why don’t you try to get involved in football instead of track. More money.

I hope to end my career in the MLS.

I wish we could see Stevie G. put in some England performances that we see week in week out when hes in the Liverpool shirt.

To get to the top of anything, requires a lot of sacrifice, blood, sweat & tears.

I doubt i could make it to the big time, semi-pro with some effort yes. But football has never really been a passion of mine, plus I’m too old now to concentrate on a sport like Football.

Its to competitive in the UK, ive been asked to go for a trail for a professional rugby club who are one division below premier league.

But for now, sprinting used to be my passion. And i left the game along time ago, with unfinished business.

I have not touched a footy for 4-5 years, this will have major impact on my game.

If i was 18years old and had the body i have now, i would pull a bo Jackson on these fuckers.

But in my mind, I’m not only up against my own demons and other athlete’s, I’m up against athlete’s greatest foe and that is “Time”

I’m getting no younger…

I have a joint problem in my left ankle. Had an operation a month ago. I’m actually switching events now, and I will be training for the shot putt instead of sprinting / running.
I still love the sport of track and field. But my foot has been bad for a year, and instead of hoping and waiting for it to become perfect, I’m just gonna have to switch from the sprints to the slightly less glamorous throwing event. (otherwise known as the shot putt.)
The reason being, I had never done the shot putt before, but out of curiosity, I threw my 5kg med ball with the shot putt technique. And I threw it 17 meters. Bare in mind, it is akward to get a proper shot put grip on a med ball that’s the same size as a basketball. So I’m going to purchase a proper shot ball. I’ve also completely re-designed my training program.
There is going to be a lot more strength work (baring in mind, I had not done much upperbody strength work, before I threw the ball 17 meters.)

“Don’t fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.”

-Bruce Lee-