back kick problems

for some reason i began to back kick to much when i reach top speed and its making me lose power and i began to slow down…my 40-yard dash time is 4.35 my 55-meter time is 6.38 and my 100-meter dash is 10.62…my 100-meter time would be better if i could limit my back kick and increase front side mechanics…help

You may be driving back too hard at the start. keep the legs under you from the beginning as you will be able to maintain control

I’ll just add that if you have anything less than good posture it moves a lot of the action to the back side, where, of course, you don’t want it.

As CF says, make sure your back is straight at top speed or something to that effect.

so what should i focus on?..Cues?

If you want to see exactly what I’m talking about, check out the GPP download.
In it, you can see this technique first incorporated in hill accelerations and then maximized on the track.
It shows exactly of how you can incorporate excellent technique into your training with a minimal learning curve.