Back Foot on Blocks

How important is it to have back foot planted firmly on back block? What is a difficulty in getting back foot planted on the block symptomatic of- improper settings, flexibility? How should it be addressed/ corrected?

Sometimes it’s the blocks that don’t lean back far enough. There’s usually a compromise with those “cheaper” blocks. Either you get your whole foot on the pedal and lose the stretch because the pedals are too vertical or get a stretch and not have your hips high enough. Might be the other way around.

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How important is it to have back foot planted firmly on back block?

Very important. If the back foot is able to move, weight will transfer backwards when you start. You will not be able to flick your lead arm as it will go backwards to assist with balance whether you like it or not, because this will override any impulse you direct to the lead arm. It will stop once you have balance due to eventual back foot pressure and will then go forward. In the interim, everyone else has gone.

I see people with the whole of their back foot on the block, off the ground. Well i don’t do this, i have about 3 quaters of my foot on the block and th rest.

I don’t think it is that important, it is not gonna knock 2tenths off your time or anythink.

Can you get a side on shot of the set position in the blocks? It could be a flexibility issue or the hips being too low or too high, but, often it is an issue of leaning over the line too far. With so much weight on the hands, if you try to apply positive pressure to the back block you start to fall out.