B exercise question

I know some people don’t recommend doing B at all, but i’ve always found it kind of useful…but i’m not sure if I’ve been doing them correctly.

Most sources i’ve read say to lift the knee, kick out the lower leg, extend the rear leg and kind of step the active leg down a couple of feet in front of the rear leg.

The way i’ve been doing it is to lift the knee, then at the same time, kick out and draw back under the body, so that the active leg contacts the ground at the same spot as the rear leg. I’m trying to picture the running stride and do you not want foot contact to occur directly under the center of mass? If that is so then why do people recommend dropping it out front. I’ve tried it that way and I always lose flexion of the foot, sort of like you have to reach out with your toes to stabilize yourself.

Maybe i’m confused on the purpose of the drill or something. Anybody know the correct definition of B march?

Nevermind…I did a search and found quite a bit of discussion on the topic…heh…have to remember to search first!