AWESOME weight workout last night!

Had a GREAT workout last night!

After work headed for the gym before the radiohead concert (AWESOME show!)

Weather wasn’t the greatest and I didnt have time to do both speed and weights so I decided to just hit lower body in the gym.

8 minutes on the bike then stretching for warmup.

4 sets backsquats.
I did 135 for a warmup for 6 reps and it felt like the bar alone was on my shoulders. I thought to myself this is going to be a good squat workout. Did 185 for 4 and it was effortless bar was flying up!

225 for very explosive triple and then decided to go heavier.

Threw on 305 and went for a single. I BURIED it and came up very powerfully and fast. At the top the bar actually flew off my shoulders about 4 inches unexpectedly! I then racked it and stripped it to 225 and did another very explosive triple right away. Felt AWESOME.

then did 2 sets of jump squats (95 pounds) and hit snatch grip deadlifts

225 for 3 (easy)
275 for 3 (easy)
295 for 2 (little harder)

Then hit hanging leg raises for 3 sets and headed to the show.

I was really impressed with how explosive and strong I felt today. I think the plyos I have been doing have really helped.

I’ll probably be cooked for a week CNS wise but what a great workout hehe :slight_smile: