attn:Charlie Francis. What do you think is the most efficient knee angle in the 100m

:confused: What do you think is the most efficient/optimal knee angle in the 100m. Is this knee angle different for beginners? I am referring to any snapshot of a sprinter at the 30, 60, and 80m segments. So for example, what you could do is freeze frame an elite sprinter in the olympics on a computer and then configure the frame so that is torso would be straight up and down as opposed to leaning forward. My point is that when you look at a sprinter sprinting it looks like an optical illusion to the untrained eye. You don’t think that his knee lift is 90 degrees which everbody says is the optimal angle because he is leaning forward a little at all parts of the race and so you think that is knee lift is actually more like 70 degrees.

According to your video seminars you state that there comes a point where too much knee lift works against you (because your not bringing the knee up anymore your bringing it up and towards you).

What was Ben’s angle at various splits of the race, out of curiosity.

The optimal knee angle is the point at which the knee is the farthest away from (forward of) the torso. We’ve covered this in detail (The ONE?)

Thank you for your response.

I just saw the GPP DVD. :o