Attack for 80m

I have to improve my 80m times,
so, what aspect shuld i attack ?
What kind of works could i do to improve here.

Top speed. It’s really the midpoint between 60 and 100m., not just in distance but in terms of areas developed. Whereas in 60m. acceleration would be the prime factor and in 100m. a combination of all factors (acc., max v, and speed end) a top 80m. performance is possible with just acceleration and top speed developed.

Tks Aln,
i´m creating a Microcicle focused on 80m races,
so, the acc and top speed will be my targets for now.


Any particular reason you want to improve on the 80m mark and not the whole 100m? Do you find yourself (performance) better pre or post 80m mark?

It seems like a very good approach -
Especially if you have decent endurance and can maintain your form but just need to get more out of that 80m.

Personally I believe I can hang with anybody out of the blocks and most during the drive phase - up to 60 I’m pretty strong, but around 60-80 I start to drift then 80-100m I usually either maintain or gain - so I’m thinking I have a strong start good accleration and strong finish but that last 1/4 of the race is my achilles

  • What about the pace of acceleration?
    Is it possible to over-accelerate? Maybe I’m trying to accerate for too long?
    Have any of you worked on that aspect w/yourself or another athlete?

The reason is that i´m near of 80m WR than other distances.
I got up some data and did some statistics,
then i found out;
first: i must improve my 80m times
then, improve my 60m times
at the end, i´ll see how good i´ll be there in 100m, and
then, if i´m not running my 100m target, i´ll work over 100m distances.

a variety of acceleration runs over 80m (ex place cones every 20m), flying runs (hit top speed), ins and out (ex 40m intervals over 120m) should hit your 80m. u also need to work on your power, weights, plyos and medballs.


Ok, just to notice,
what is your PB for this distance ?
Mine is 9.85 so far, so, as you can see,
i have lot of work to do. :wink:

8.85, and i know ive got a lot to work on too

I don´t know yet,
but why i´m better on 80 to 100 distance
than from 0-80m.
So, i´m gonna attack now the last part of the race.
As i said, in the beginning, it´s easy 4 me.