Athletic Development Progression


Do you take the standard approach of developing general endurance/stamina of an athlete prior to developing speed,power, & agility?

I don’t mean this in a yearly periodization approach, but more so a long term youth development approach.

In know that this is the standard model that has been around forever. I thought I remember reading some where that you started earlier with speed,power & agility. I might be wrong, but I was just wondering how your general theory of development went with regards to these qualities.

I’m not Charlie but I know Ian King has outlined his model (basically following Charlie, as described in “Foundations of Physical Preparation”). He terms it reverse periodization but it’s following the same logical sequence Charlie uses.

Where is this available? I assume it’s only for sale, as King loves selling stuff!

Via King Sports International (KSI). I’ve ordered several books from their site (including How to Write Strength Training Programs and Foundations of Physical Preparation, both of which are excellent). Shipping doesn’t take long at all and his texts are top notch.

My favorite quote from the book comes from Charlie: “We train today how others will train tomorrow”