Athlete's training journal

im starting this link to more or less chart my progress and follow/evaluate my training-any feedback is welcome.
My sport is football and my goals are of course are to prepare for the rigores of the game and improve my combine stats-

Warm up of skipping,stretching
1)Plyos alternate single leg bounding
2x 15 yrds
explosive skipping(for height)
2x15 yrds
explosive skipping(for distance) 2x15yrds

2)speed work 
             Starts  3x10yrds     2x15yrds
             Sprints   3x20yrds    2x40yrds

3) Weights
               Power snatch  5x2  
               Squat   1x5, 3x3
                Straight leg deadlift   1x8,2x6
                Explosive Bench  3x10 

I finished later with trying to do some cold water shock methods but i havent perfected that yet(actually its pretty funny trying to watch me get in and out of a trash can filled with ice water!)

This is the first time that ive done sprint/running before i do my weights- but after browsing the forums, i decided my 40yrd dash time is of greater priority right now. I expected my poundages to suffer in the weight room(and they did), but i am hoping thats temporary and in the long run it will be better. Gonna ice my knees and ankles again tonight and do some stretches, them wake up tommarow and work hard again!

-if you would like previous info on me, check out the thread"who wants a project…"
ill keep you posted

Looks like a pretty solid program. One nit-pik: I would move the plyos after your sprinting (priorities first!) unless you are doing them as warmups.

Also, could you put down percentages of your maxes on your lifts. For example, you put “power snatch 5 x 2.” I’m assuming this is 5 sets of 2 reps, but what percentage are you working at. It would be pretty easy at 75% of your max, but quite a workout at 95%+

Good luck and keep us posted!



i was feeling pretty sore after yesterday(doing my weights after sprints) but i feel today was good in terms of what i needed to do-loosen up, get the blood flowing,sweat a little bit,etc.

    Pull-up variations  5sets
    Barbell row  3x10
    Shrugs 3x8
    Abs-Hanging leg raises 4x12
           Russian twists 3x20
-I really didnt push anything in the weight room, it was all light and i kept in mind not to push myself too hard today-

 Tempo Runs  2x5reps 75%@100yrds
      -focussed on walking back and recovery between reps. Got a real good stretch between sets.I also threw the football for 10 minutes following my last tempo run, so that was probably equivalent to another set
Since this is the first time i did tempo runs i tried to focus on good form and striding out, last two reps my glutes tightend up due to trying to stride- but it was fine.

Dont feel too taxed, gonna hit the whirlpool(hot) later followed by a cold shower and get ready for tommarow.

Hi athlete,
Just one thing on the cold water, Clemson reccomends doing the cold water after 60 mins for a duration of between 15 and 20mins.
He says that the 60 mins allows the flushing of debris from the muscles before the cold water is applied.

hey xlr8, i was hoping you’d be chiming in on this thread-
the plyo’s i was using more as a warm-up since they were only 2x15yrds…i like to get some kind of explosive warmup thats not too taxing or my starts suffer.
i’ll try and include rough estimates for my percentages for my exercises(note. the snatches were done at 85% of 1rm)and i wont be noting warm-up sets…
example- “power snatch 5x2” were all done at 85%
Also ill try to include other notes on the workout as well rather than just numbers sets and reps-thanks and keep the feedback coming!

wed 5-28

squat 3x3@405lbs
hang snatch 3x3@155lbs
incline hammer strength press 3x6
shoulder dumbell circuit 2sets

agility ladder

im cutting down on my volume this week because im going on vacation friday, so no training for about 8-10 days. this is the first break over two days since my training began in early march. i hope that it will be productive to let my body rest for that long of a period of time.
then when i get back im gonna put it in overdrive for the rest of summer!

if you’re going to be doing oly lifts 3x’s per week, drop the shrugs. you will get plenty of trap development from cleans/snatches…


Warm up
PLyo box jumps 3x6(about 27inc. high)

Bench 1x5,3x3@85%
Jammer 3x5(light and explosive)
Incline hammer strength press 3x5
Shoulder Press(machine) 3x8
Tricep ext. 3x8

5 yrd shuttle 2xeach direction
agility ladder 2x about 6 drills

I felt rested a liitle today(suprisingly)-didnt push agilities hard- i want to have a good rest of the week.Concentrated on complete recovery in agility drills.

Note: I only do Power snatches on Monday and Hang snatches on Friday-thats it on Oly lifts. The shrugs i do because ive encountered neck problems in the past in my sport-so there are for rehab work as well.

Also i have someone to time me on my 40 and 20 on monday-im nervous and excited…


Hanging leg raises 4x12
Russian twists 2x20
Crunch 2x15
Barbell curl 3x6

Tempo runs 2x5 @75%
-again focussing on complete recovery
getting a good stretch in between sets

Note: the local high school football team was out on the track testing 40yrd times-one kid ran a 4.42 and his start was really bad.If he had coaching on how to start properly he run a sub 4.4(although i was skeptical of the timer)


warm up of skipping and stretching
-20yrd buildup to 10yrd sprint x3
-30 yrd build up to 10yrd sprint x3
-30yrd buildup to 20yrd sprint x3

Plyo's- barrier jumps (waist high hurdles) 3x3

Hang Snatch 5x3 @85%
Clean pull 3x3 @85%
Front squat 3x3 @75%
Glute/ham raise* 3x15
Explosive close grip floorpress 3x10

*i do glute/ham raise not on a apparatus(i dont have one) - i stack floor mats and put a bench on it,lay on the bench(belly down) and let my lower body dangle of the edge and lift my ankles to the sky.
(if this doesnt make sense ill try and explain better)

This was the first week of my new training-felt good- i never felt too run down,a definite sense of quality over quantity. Time will tell if im improving.
Ques. When i go to progress the workload on my speed days-should i add reps or add distance to the sprinting distance?

Originally posted by athlete
Ques. When i go to progress the workload on my speed days-should i add reps or add distance to the sprinting distance?

Add speed! :slight_smile: Or else add reps. But make sure that you stop doing more reps once you start slowing down because of fatigue. Since you play football, I’m not sure that doing longer sprints is going to be of much benefit.


took the weekend off from activity,figured the rest would be good for me.

Today i was planning on getting timed in the 20 and 40 but it turned out pretty lousy. First, i was trying to work in with the local HS team, so that was unorganized. I ran a 2.6 on my first 20, with no warm up, and then i tried to get a 40 in just to loosen up- a 4.8 with no warm up. I felt I was a couple more away from properly warmed-up, then disaster. I had to wait 15min. to run another 20- i was totally cold,and worse the timer didnt get my time-he missed it. That was it, I didnt even get a shot at another 40. So like I said, the circumstances definetly hurt me rather than just being normal circumstances. So that whole situation pissed me off.So I went to the weight room and lifted.

Power snatch 3x3 @75%
Snatch grip Deadlift/Pull 3x3 (70%)
Straight leg deadlift 3x6
225 Bench 3sets w/ 1minute rest in between*

*I didnt rep out on the first set, just an easy 10, second set 10 was hard, third set all i could do was 3!

  • Im not discouraged by the track situation, I know that it was nowhere near my best effort, and given the circumstances I guess I cant expect much.
    Ill set up something more reliable next week.

Question- If someone runs, say a 2.5 in the first 20 of a 40yrd. sprint ,SHOULD the second 20yrds be faster than the initial 20(since it was from being still)?

Originally posted by athlete
Question- If someone runs, say a 2.5 in the first 20 of a 40yrd. sprint ,SHOULD the second 20yrds be faster than the initial 20(since it was from being still)?

Yes. The model for a 4.6 sprint in “Complete Conditioning for Football” by Arthur et al has the following model times and splits for a 4.60 40 yd dash:
10yd 1.660 - 1.660
20yd 2.780 - 1.120
30yd 3.730 - 0.950
40yd 4.600 - 0.870

Personally, when I run around a 4.6 electronic, I gain about a 0.1s in the first 10 and lose it in the last 20.



Hanging leg raises 3x15
russian twists 2x20
crunch 3x12
Pullups 5 sets
Barbell rows 3x10
-again,weights are light, its not a huge day with weights

    Tempo runs 2x5@75%   -100yrds

I feel im getting better work and more out of my tempo runs, i enjoy knowing I dont have to break myself two days in a row. Small obstacles to overcome with tempo runs-trying to run relaxed and not tight at a slower speed, and not feel like im doing a “light bound” when im running in good form. Try to concentrate on coasting across the ground and not run “off the groud and upright” so to speak.

Re: The timimg of my previous 2.6 cold in the 40yrd makes my original assesment of mondays timing situation reinforced- im positive i could have hit a 4.6 if i had at least one warm up. Maybe next week.

Re:previous 2.6 cold in 20-not the 40yrd


Box jumps 4x5
Russian Split jumps 3x6

Squat 2x3@85% 1x5@90%
Jammer 3x5

  -warmed up with bunny hops and cutting drills
   Agility ladder  about 7 different exercises, around 2sets each

Recovery-waited an hour, did an ice bath for 13min.

-felt good today,no extra stuff today just the minimum. I find my routine gradually shying away from extra stuff and concentrating on bare minimum stimulation-i feel that it will prevent burnout and think quality.

Plus I think i need to recalculate my squat max. Hit 1x5 with 425, really deep,felt explosive, and probably could have upped the lbs.

Why wait 1 hour with the icebath? it should be done within 20 minutes after training to have good effect

no23 has recommended,citing charlie francis, that you should wait 60 minutes. However i am still open to hearing ideas on this timing factor.

Ok sorry man. Then my info was wrong, read it here on the forum tough.

Answer & a Question

Great Thread on Recovery:

Words of Wisdom from Clemson (Senior Member+)
“First Ice Baths are not ice cold. The temperature should be under 60 degrees and warmer then 52 degrees for optimal response…”

“speed days should have cold…on tempo days I like to use heat again…”

I do have a question. Clemson mentions no more than 20-25 minutes gap between end of session & bath. But which takes preference - the warm-down or the bath? Recovery drink & light stretch before the bath…what are forum members doing?


got a massage in the morining,would have rather had it after training, but its the only time it could be done

Bench 3x3@285
Incline hammer press 3x5
narrow bench press (rest-pause style)
2x3 @225lbs
Shoulder press 3x8
Shoulder dumbell circuit (side raise,front r., 2sets x10-real light
Some rotator cuff band work

Recovery -whirlpool (hot)

The weather here was horrible so no tempo work could done unfortunately- so i hit the weights harder than i had planned.