Athletes/alcohol Poll?

Athletes should not drink. Although it seems like beer maybe one of the four food groups for males. I dont do it. I used to go parties in highschool and drink soda or coke or something. Sometimes even water. Its more hardcore to do that. Dont give in to peer pressure my babies.

when i finally got my act together and stopped drinking, smoking, and doing drugs, the quality of my training and my results jumped WAY up immediately. i once showed up to practice drunk… of all the stupid and horrible ideas, this one was way up there- VERY worth it to stop!

Thats cool Krasnayafleur.

Im in college. I dont drink almost every night like most people but drink on the weekends until my training starts and during the season drink one night a week after meets.
Its either i dont go out. Or drink and go out. You cant go out in college sober. its nooooo fun.
Sorry guys but thats the truth.

Then call me a dud because I have fun without drinking and I always will. I’ve drink 1 or 2 times before, but never again. It sucks.

I say no and never will. Same with smoking and drugs. Damn it, I consider soda the devil so what does that tell you? :smiley:

In college your views will change. Nobody goes out sober.

mine didnt.

also whoever puts drink like a fish has to post there name also

ooops posted in the wrong section and i cant edit.

maybe i am obsessive, but i NEVER drink soda… or coffee (i don’t know how i will live through the school year!) i drink only water, and very occasionally fruit juice- all that sugar makes me nervous! i know, i am a freak…

i don’t know what i will do in college, i’m not sure i could see myself completely staying away from alcohol :o

lol ,interesting topic. I don’t drink alcohol often and i think I’ll never do. the last time I was drunk I tore my ACL because I played basketball with a hangover and without warming up properly. so i consider alcohol as the reason for my injury.

i agree with krasnayafleur on the soda…I just hate this sweet stuff!

Which brings me to my mission statement of why I post here at in the first place.

Mission statement:
I came here to do two things: chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I’m all outta bubble gum!

Anyone got a soda?

Soda’s the devil and I have trouble breaking myself from it. But, I’m doing it again.

Quik - No I won’t. I’ll be called a punk, but I won’t drink. Period.

Walmart here in richmond sells a 12 pack of sams choice (similar to coke) for 1.42$…thats almost as cheap as the quik E marts sell the cans for. Theres nothing like a bit of liquid sugar to down into your body. Yum. Could anything be worse for you. Oh yeah there is. Alcohol, which equals empty calories and a beer gut. No thanks. Clemson would you like to submitt another “waterboy protocol” here.

got soda?..

alcohol contributes to the dumbing down of society

dude lets get waisted…

no wonder no one has top the works of bach, beethoven, or other classical composers. The age of reason has know become the age of no reason…dude lets get But on a serious note. It seems all the greater thinkers were several hundred years ago. What happened. Does no one want to expand on the ideas of the past.

the same goes for coke. you ever look at the amount of sugar/carbs in one can?

What? They did not drink wine? I would say that Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zepplin were not bad composers! Last night I got blitzed…let women grind on me on the dance floor…all in the name of preventing burn-out…

Yes true, but coke is better for you, also scientists have proven acohol causes fat distropution in the abdomen. I drink water,apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, and milk. Thats it.

Also good point. I have heard coaches suggest “i wont name any names” (no one on here though) say that a coke could be used as glucose for after practive. Could it. As far as I know the sugars in coke are different from the type of sugars you want after practice no? Ill stick with the more scientific way of ingesting glucose through something such as grapejuice. I have heard some suggest dextrose. Others suggest quite a diff mix of sugars. Ill post it. I dont have the info here with me right now. What is the real answer here. Also has anyone taken glucose tablets after pratice. Thoughts on anything.