Atg squats vs parralel squats

having an argument with my friend about them. I am in the thinking that atg are far better and he is the other way around.

Please help me discus the pros adn cons for both adn then get to a conclusion… Both have their purpose tho…

What are ATG squats?

maybe its all the way to the ground squats?

“Ass to the grass”.

well i was close. anyways ass to grass wins everytime!!!

What % of your “regular” squat weight do you normally use for ATG squats? Like, say I normally do 4x8x225, what weight would one recommend for ATG squats?

I thought ATG was considered your max ???

atg is ass to grass… i just wanted to start a discussion on pos and neg for both…

I’m not sure what your overall goal is, but also take into consideration why you are training. If you are a speed development athlete, why only do squats where the knee is so far forward. Ian King refers to these as quad dominant squats. If you maintain the knee over the ankle, Louis Simmons would refer to these as hip dominant squats. The hip dominant style overloads the hamstrings, and would be usefull for the starts of sprints, VJ, etcetera. Knee position and back position are also important factors. I used to squat ATG, and nothing else. My knees where sore until I did box squats and reverse sled walking. Matter of fact, I thought surgery was the only answer (was I an idiot!).This is a topic I’ve analyzed and continue to do so. I’ve seen to many football players with bad knees. Be kind to your patellars!

ye we are both rugby players… what i am doin right now is heavy parralel and then doin atg overhead squats… getting a healthy balance… but my friends opinion is no need for anything rather than parallel…

I’m a big fan of the box and the varieties of things you can do with it. I joking have a 3 inch by 3 inch piece of wood that I tell people "this is what your depth will be. It doesn’t seem to go over to well. Vary the speed time, foot width and amount of reps… Use a stop watch for time. Christian Thibadeaux (spelling I apologize) wrote a very good article called Superman training. The idea in the article has been used in various ways on Fudge with the idea. Dont just max for whatever rep(s) but work to the sport you are training for. It basically takes Louis Simmons dynamic effort day and blows it up in many directions for any sport. I tried to do some work with a rugby team, but when one of the captains sais he would not drink beer for a week, in preparation for a big match, I knew it was time to go. Great sport nevertheless.

I think ATG is better, just because the entire leg has to work harder to get the weight back up. Parralel is also good, but the definition of proper squat form is apparently when the hips are below parralel (from powerlifting). If u can’t go ass to the grass, then squat with less weight, and build up - unless u want uneven leg development (i.e. bigger quads than hammies). Or u can always compensate with leg curls…or stiff legged deads. Whatever tickles ur fancy.

Purly for running, i found squats a waste of time. But for footy, atg squats, leg press, hack squat everything would be kool. For runners, stick to hips hammies and feet.