had me 1st half an asprin today 1hr before extensive tempo.
Must say, i feel absolutly fantastic after finnishing the session.
Asprin, i like, i like.

Bold, could you do a lazy person a favor and tell me the reasoning for the half an aspirin?? I’d assume it’s because of the “blood thinning” cualitites which is in reality a drop in the clotting capabilities of the blood. Any other reason why???

  • true, aspirin reduces the stickiness of the “platelets”

Anti inflamatory reasons. Reduces soreness, increases recovery.

Anti inflamatory reasons. Reduces soreness, increases recovery.

or not…most prostagladins are involved in (mascular) reconstruction, aspirin is a COX inhibitor, thus lowering prostagladin production.

its analgaesic qualities along with any elavated cAMP levels would probably be responcible for you feeling better during training.

did you actually time the sprints though? Did they just feel good, or where they actually good?

dont know about during the runs, unknown distance and not timed?? But afterwards, no lower leg pain, no tight muscles, the next day - felt fantastic, full of energy and ready to go. Possably that is the 1st time i have felt like that since comencing running again after 16mnths break from any running at all, Now its been 2 mnths of GPP work. Perhaps its just chance that after 2mnts of GPP work that things are falling into place, or perhaps it was the Asprin. The only reason i have tried it, was Charlie someplace has mentioned its use and benifits.

I used it sometimes, but at night after high intensity sessions only

after and not before, i will remember that, ta.