first year

100m - 14.1 - 12.28handtimed

second season thus far

100m - 12.28h - 12.17 FAT

update note after the race in second season i got injured and was down and out then came…

third season

100m - 12.13 FAT PB

…then was the runs with all the 12.1-12.3-12.2-12.4-12.2-12.1 etc etc

then it arrived…
100m - 11.99 FAT(last race)

had slight injury throughout the third season but it was small one that allowed me to run the whole third season, still bothersome though. Hopefully fourth season im INJURY free for godsakes.

fourth season

100m - 11.75 FAT

FINALLY last race of my open season and i bust out a 11.99 at +0.4 wind. About time i get to 11 always running that damn 12.1- to 12.3 crap. Man its upsetting although knowing i start to get better and better then BOOM, season over. Now few weeks off and WEIGHTS

I knew you could do it, take some well deserved time off and next year youll be flying even faster.

thanks cody appreciate it bro. Cya next season.

Way to go, knew you’d get there some day. Next year you’ll be down there all the time, just keeping workin hard. Congrats

hey senri clean out your pm box so i can message you.

12.33 FAT for starting the season off. I dont know about this one i was behind in third place behind 2 guys that run 11.00 and another that has gone sub 11. I was close to them and the results is all jumbled up, the one that came in second place is placed as the winner, I’m placed in second, and the one posted as the third guy is supposed to be the winner. The second guy got 11.60 i got 12.33 and the winner 12.94 (ran like 11.3 atleast) although i think its faster then that. I hate it when ppl dont know how to control the electronic timers on that computer sigh. Has happened before i wouldve been pleased with a handtime atleast.

11.78ht okay start not bad getting there.

whats ur pr. never mind i just saw it.

What is the point of posting this? Seriously!!

I coudnt erase it.

Go to the edit tab at the bottom right hand of your post. Once in the edit section, there is an option for you to delete the post. You have to do two things to delete it. 1. select Delete Message, then, select “Delete This Message.”

check messages. Just sent u one.

Fine dont delete it. You think I give a flip at all. Guy from boston doesnt sweat things like that.

Senri, I wouldnt worry about those results. I have seen that happen in several meets where the first or second place guys were screwed up. My friend ran 6.6 in the 60m at New Englands and official came back and said it was impossible for him to run that fast.

Got the b’s to say what ur thinkin.

yeah i aint stressing im happy to run near my PB so early in the season. I didnt even do GPP phase or nothing just SPP, although im taking it easy.

You ran well my friend, you will break your pb in no time at all.

12.09 FAT ran with a torn ligament probably the posterior talotibial ligament at that, hurts when i over dorsiflex or overspuinate it. Running felt like i was achilles after getting shot by Paris’s arrow. Anyway ice and hopefully tomorrow or not i will see if i can do light stuff.

so i didnt do much cause of the ankle but i ran anyway as im feeling no pain although the area is swollen. It was gettin cold and starting to rain, there was no blocks and the headwind was -1.1 i also had to wait an extra 40 mins i thought race was at 6:30, oh well.

time was 12.20 FAT, yet again the consecutives 12 commence once again.

100m - 11.81 FAT (PB) no tailwind or headwind so +0.something

200m - 24.95 hahahahah, well i was in lane 1 and it was my first 200m race ever, i dont know how to run this thing. I just gassed at the end.

overall a goodday

100m - 12.06 FAT in -2.1 headwind not bad no bad

note - strained left addcutor magnus, might be grade one was bothering me but no biggie