Asafa Powell jogging 10.29

Well you truly are the epitome of cool tonight…

I took the liberty of uploading the clip to my site. If you have any objections, let me know.

thats k, i couldn’t get onto so posted it here, have that clip in high quality but didn’t know how long it’d take to upload, and thankyou thor for your videos.

announcers is like “Oh…not particularly quick. 10.29. Into a headwind”… :rolleyes:

Next time the announcer asks what Asafa Powell is doing, someone should inform him that Asafa is taking a dump on everyone.

What I am curious about is that start. Look at the lead arm. Maybe Charlie can give us some detail on why Asafa may not be shooting out the lead arm at all, but rather, just sort of bringing it up into the 90 degree angle.

Asafa is embarassing these guys. It’s borderline silly.

wow that was a jog in the park…oh to have that kind of power!

I hope Anson didn’t use up to much energy on that…

Well it is weird to drop your head even when just cruising…

And 10.29 as a time into -0.5 ISNT fast. But again he wasnt trying…

But man he is going to blow away when he lets rip in the last 50m lol

wow, he will definetly be able for sub 10.

Asafas start is really remarkable.
I guess he tries to keep his arms more in line with running direction and not fully streched to avoid the rotation - the sideway twists which put all the stress on his conductors.

Sorry to CF and Co. I loved to watch BJ and think he is the best ever but 10.03 from A.Powell in semi is just awesome!! We can not compare it with Ben’s 10.03s…this is just better!

He can break 10s any time and I mean ANY time he wants…

70m switched off and looked around to see who the hell was running around him… :wink:

MLF… sorry to the boys from Brazil but too bad!

yes,looking at the frontal view i had the same impression…(conductor=adductor??)

LOL, of course adductors - sorry I was excited this morning…

if anyone has any race footage pleeeeaaaassee post… :o


when i can i’ll upload the semi 1, semi 2, final and the disqualifications. maybe thor can upload them to his site.

Semi 1

Hey man, any chance you can upload the womens final too? The semi’s would also be much appreciated.


sure thing, missed the womens semis though

Cool, thanks man!

men semi 2 including the dqs

men final