Asafa Making his return this saturday!

A couple of sources told me that asafa is going to run in a meet saturday here in florida. It is at clermont the track that gay and his crew trains. I will be running there also. I will get some footage if
asafa does showup. I hope he is in my heat so I can put this 10.5 on him!:smiley:

LOL, good luck man. You never know! :smiley:

thats pretty awesome

Beat him. :smiley: just kidding

Footage would be cool.

thats a decent track, i wish that the baytaf classic was big like it use to be.:frowning: Now its just half the size with hardly any real talent but still ran just as slow??? Go figure on that part, it use to be a big deal with all the islanders coming over and it was actually fun and competative but from what i saw this year the only thing close to the old stuff was jeff demps at 10.3 with no comp…o’well…

Guy here.

I was talking to my friend in FL… said its 80’s and sunny. It was 56 here today and rainy. Sat. is supposed to be 90 here though. Where in FL are you located?

Good luck to you bro.

If you can, try to get his autograph and post it here.

That would be hot.

And once again, best of luck to you bro.

Any news on Asafa? Did he run?

What a let down? Kinda asafa never showed, but every other star did. Barber twins, chrysie gaines, gail devers (she didnt run she coaches the twins)
Capel, bernard williams, opadele thompson…and a lot of others I forgot a lot of names. It was hot as hell. 95+ nothing but sun and no shade. I ran like boo boo. 11.0 into a -3 in the prelims. I dont want to alk about the semi’s and finals.

Dennis mitchel ran the meet and he was trying to turn the 100 around so we could run with the wind but the system was acting up. I like dennis, he really tries to accomodate sprinters at these meets every year. Everyone ran slow. I think the combo of heat, wind, sun and no shade killed everyone. 10.1 guys were running 10.5. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Oh yea asafa is going to run in the trinidad champs the end of june. It is also an open meet

It appears he was in Eugene on Saturday.

least we know he dont have a torn pec muscle.:slight_smile:

it’s me shoulda mon. don’t want da WR back eitha.