Asafa 9,85 in Paris with 1 fault start...

when i got it right he did a false start himself- seems that he wanted that record sooooooo much … :rolleyes:

I swear there was a false start in Doha…someone still managed to run fast… :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Marion!!! Yes! I love it when she proves the doubters and the haters wrong. Good running girl.

And then there were none!

what was RT of Asafa?

i read the wind was just +0,1w !!!

With a 1.6-2.0 the WR could have been lowered, or?
9"85 for the formule (0 wind)

i think he hadnt this awsome start from gateshead, or is it just me thinking so?

Maybe because of his false start…

Excited to see the RT…

9,73 with +2.0w

Am i right with this calculator? :rolleyes:

i got it:

Wind: +0.1
Rank Athlete Nat Result Reaction time
1 POWELL, Asafa JAM MR 9.85 0.146
2 BRUNSON, Marcus USA 10.08 0.191
3 POGNON, Ronald FRA SB 10.11 0.143
4 SCOTT, Leonard USA 10.16 0.190
5 FRATER, Michael JAM 10.17 0.156
6 CRAWFORD, Shawn USA 10.17 0.172
7 SMOOTS, Jason USA 10.18 0.203
8 MARTINA, Churandy AHO 10.21 0.201
9 BURNS, Marc TRI 10.27 0.212

no itd be 9.76. 9.85 is pretty good for a still wind :p, though no mo greene ;).

Whats up with Mo? Is he officially done yet?

by the way: Mo ran 9,79 with still wind !

Last time i heard he was ready for a comeback…
He is doing more comebacks then races these days…

it’s true!
Mo ran his WR with a still wind and a RT of 0"17
with perfect conditions (and new track) he could ran 9"65 that day of 7 years ago

thx for having someone to understand and accept this :slight_smile:

Sometimes conditions are perfect or not so good and it’s not possible to see in numbers like windreadings.
What I mean is - look at the times of all the others - a lot of big names, top ten sprinters and only one came closer than 0.25 to Asafa.
He should not be disappointed - win the GL and forget about the rest.
Was the GL ever won by a 100m guy, yet?

Athens track is still one of the fastest - so I see no improvement there. And secondly Mo never ran close to his PB with stronger tailwind.

Mo ran his 10 best times with wind less than 1.0
and never ran faster than 9.90 with more wind support.
Was he simply unlucky? I’d call him very unlucky then in a career with the most sub tens ever…

i dont think that somebody won it.

mentally good for asafa that he is doing the golden league, so he can say to GAT: " you know where to find me…"

And if Gatlin “stays” injured I do not see anybody to beat Asafa.
Only Gatlin can, but not by running faster, only by scaring him :wink:

its a bad situation for GAT now, becuse Asafa can talk and talk and tell everybody “i m the fastest” and if GAT is healthy again he needs time.

So:im not seeing a comp between them ithe next weeks

mo ran his WR in old track and not in new one
Mo ran 9"78 (or 9"79) in Eugene in 1999 with a tailwind
For him, the main problem was lucky: he had to run his perfect race in perfect conditions
impossible for him