Asafa 9.74 in Rieti!!!!!!

I would expect, as speed accomodation improved, the change would be reflected where top speed occurs- probably from 40 to 50m on. Vabo said he slowed a bit over the last 10 (doesn’t mean it was deliberate) but I’m pretty sure the top speed splits would reflect most of the change.

If this is true than we can expect Asafa to run even faster (sub 9.7) due to the fact that it he has yet to run under 6.4 for the first 60m. Also if you look his reaction time (.135) during the heats, he can run faster.

problem was he stopped knowingly his race in last 5 steps.
i think he lost 2-3 hundredth, so he could run 9"71-9"72

I just had another thought about Zurich, based on experiences I’ve encountered.
What if Asafa and his coach decided to bypass Zurich to allow for optimal recovery, which would occur by Rieti, but the agent, with nothing to lose, figured he’d push Zurich for a big payday, which he’d then present as an option to Asafa? Unfortunately, it ended badly because the Zurich organizer ran to the press.

I have no doubt it’s coming at some point. Now, if the timing issue is solved, the “choke” stories will go away as well. When you’re a meter clear of the world, you really don’t need to give a shit what anyone else says or does.

I cant wait till he whips Tyson Gay AGAIN, so everyone that bad mouthed him on this forum can be silenced. Guess he didnt choke in this meet boys.

“That’s what happens when I start to listen to the coach,” said Powell, who appeared to ease up before the finish line.

What was he not listening to?

i agree.:slight_smile:

Hopefully that rematch comes this year but I wouldn’t bet on it.

in last race before osaka, asafa had some troubles
in osaka i didn’t see speed in his race (QF and SF), an elastic sprinting
he was surpassed in all heat in these 2 races

The thing is, it seems like Asafa needs to be more than a meter clear of the world when the world’s in the race.

dont know how he do it, run so fast at these low key meets.

is it just me or does he look waay more relaxed than at Osaka? :confused:

This friday, Brussels…both gay and powell are anounced…

I think that powell is ready :wink:

No stress = powell is the man !

That’s really the thing isn’t it. The pressure is off. There is no sense of Occasion. Compared to the worlds or Olympics, Rieti is like a club meet and even the venue, esp Rieti, is like a training track. And there’s nothing hinging on the result. And there was no opposition there, at least in the sense of no-one who might beat him. It was so different in Athens and Osaka.

This just proves again what everbody knows about Asafa up to date: he runs fast when it doesn’t count. He loses when it counts.


Charlie has the answers (imho). When Asafa addresses issues of preparation - which includes adjusting the timeline - then he should be able to turn it around, hopefully in Beijing.

The proviso is so long as whatever psychological scars he May have accumulated through his recent Championship experiences can be resolved. And for that, we really must wait until he enters the next big meet - the 2008 Olympics.

Asafa Powell breaks World 100m record - 9.74 secs in Rieti – IAAF World Athletics Tour
Sunday 9 September 2007
Rieti, Italy - Asafa Powell of Jamaica running in the second of two heats of the men’s 100m at the Rieti Grand Prix meeting - IAAF World Athletics Tour - this afternoon improved his World 100m record with a time of 9.74 seconds (+1.7 m/s wind) *.

  1. Powell Asafa JAM 9.74 (WR*)
  2. Saidy Ndure Jaysuma NOR 10.07
  3. Collins Kim SKN 10.14

HEAT TWO: Click here for Full Result

Our correspondent in Rieti, Diego Sampaolo comments - “What made Powell’s feat more sensational was the fact that he made the time in the heats easing up in the final metres, giving the impression that something very special might also be expected in the final later today.”

UPDATE - in the final of the 100m later in the meeting Powell won in 9.78 (0.0m/s).

FINAL: Click here for Full Result

At the 11th IAAF World Championships in Athletics last month, Powell finished third behind American Tyson Gay and Derrick Atkins of the Bahamas.

Powell’s previous World record was 9.77 seconds which he first set on 14 June 2005 in Athens, Greece, a time which he equalled twice (Gateshead GBR 11 June 2006 and Zürich SWI 18 August 2006).

QUOTES: Asafa Powell after his 9.74 World record:

“Today I proved to the world that Asafa is back,” confirmed Powell. “I ran easily in my heat (9.74 World rec).

“I made some mistakes in Osaka (World Champs) but today I competed as I normally should do.”

“I was nervous in Osaka because I did not compete much this season (before the champs). I forgot how I should have run in the last 40m of a race.

“I will not say today (World record) was a revenge after (the disappointment of) Osaka. There the expectations were too high. I thought too much about the World record, but I have have done a lot of work in the last two weeks (since the Osaka 100m). I learnt again to run from the start and to be more relaxed.”

“Today I could have run under 9.70. I would have loved to have run 9.68. When I ran 9.77 twice last year I always thought I could have run faster.”

“If I had had a more favourable tail wind in the final (today, 9.78) I could have run faster. The atmosphere was so special. I have a special relationship with Italy as this is where I am based for training each summer.”

NOTE - A full meeting report will follow later today.

*subject to the usual ratfication procedures


Powell smashes 100m world record

Powell was back to his best after his Osaka disappointment
Jamaican Asafa Powell broke the world 100m record by clocking 9.74 secs at the IAAF Grand Prix in Rieti, Italy.
Powell, bronze medallist at the recent World Championships, set the new record in the second of two heats.

The race was run with a strong following wind but it was within the limits set by athletics’s governing body, the IAAF.

“That’s what happens when I start to listen to the coach,” said Powell, who later won the Rieti final in 9.78.

Interview: Asafa Powell’s agent Paul Doyle

World records are great but gold medals are much better


"It’s just to remind my fans that Asafa Powell is still here. I came here and executed properly and did what I was supposed to do.

“I love this track - it’s very bouncy. Italy is a good place for me. It’s my second home.”

Fellow Jamaican Michael Frater came second in the final in 10.03 ahead of Norway’s Jaysuma Saidy Ndure in third place with 10.10.

Powell, who has been troubled by a groin and knee injuries this summer, first set the previous record of 9.77 in Athens in June 2005 and last year equalled it on two occasions in Gateshead and Zurich.

His latest achievement will help erase the disappointment of Osaka two weeks ago when he faded after a fast start in the World Championships final and finished third behind Tyson Gay and Derrick Atkins in a time of 9.96.

“It’s a big day, a big redemption for him,” Powell’s agent Paul Doyle told the BBC.

9.74 A Powell, Rieti 2007
9.77 A Powell, Athens 2005
9.79 M Greene, Athens 1999
9.84 D Bailey, Atlanta 1996
9.85 L Burrell, Lausanne 1994
9.86 C Lewis, Tokyo 1991
9.90 L Burrell, New York 1991
9.92 C Lewis, Seoul 1988
9.93 C Smith, Colorado 1983
9.95 J Hines, Mexico 1968

“Both the coach and I were very surprised he was able to come out and do this today as he had heavy legs from training actually, but the conditions here were perfect, the track is fast, the wind was right, the temperature was right - everything just fell into place.”

The athletics world will now be eagerly anticipating a re-match between Powell and Gay, which could happen at the Golden League meeting in Brussels on 14 September.

“They are both down to compete, but whether it is in the same race, I don’t yet know,” said Wilfried Meert, organiser of the event at the Ivo Van Damme track.

Doyle, however, said he expected Gay to stick to the 200m.

"I don’t think he has much motivation to race Asafa [again], especially now. I think it’s something that most likely we’re going to have to look forward to seeing next year.

“I think Tyson wants to savour his victory from the World Championships and make that last. He knows if he goes up against Asafa and loses, he knocks himself down a notch.”

With all due respect to previous opinions on “Powell vs. Gay” thread regarding his training - IMHO - Asafa shit himself in Osaka. (As he openly admitted it) You simply do not come back a week later and smash the WR easing off last 10m if you were not in - peak condition. Osaka performance = mental issue.

BTW, - peace. :wink: