Asafa 9.74 in Rieti!!!!!!

He ran wind legal 9.74. wind 1.7 mps

Just saw it on the news. Sweet.

I sense a sale at the store

dammit eating my words mmmmm

edit: holy shit that’s just TRIALS. finals should be done by now. maybe Tissot timing is being used and it broke when Asafa ran 9.11 in finals:D

he stopped his race at 90 m…

9.78 +0.0

gotta love the wind. probably woulda been 9.6 with another +1.7

one word: incredible!

Yeah since his coach had charlie’s manual in his hand last year and said he follows charlie’s system in training asafa you’d expecat sales to triple.

Asafa’s Peak a little off?

good job powell.

Thats amazing:eek:

is there a video around?

Heat 2:

Rank Athlete Nation Result React.time
1 POWELL, Asafa JAM WR 9.74
2 SAIDY NDURE, Jaysuma NOR 10.07
3 COLLINS, Kim SKN 10.14
4 BURNS, Marc TRI 10.15
5 PALMER, Hank CAN 10.35
6 CAVALLARO, Alessandro ITA 10.39
7 GUAZZI, Alessandro ITA 10.55


Rank Athlete Nation Result React.time
1 POWELL, Asafa JAM 9.78
2 FRATER, Michael JAM 10.03
3 SAIDY NDURE, Jaysuma NOR 10.10
4 COLLIO, Simone ITA 10.14
5 COLLINS, Kim SKN 10.17
6 SPEARMON, Wallace USA 10.18
7 BURNS, Marc TRI 10.20
8 DZINGAI, Brian ZIM 10.32

What a day for Asafa…fastest ever heat and final times ever. 9.74 and 9.78…awesome…that should have been his semi and final times. The rest of the athletes got smoked.

Lucky for him WC and Oly only come every few years.

Shakes no with his head
9.78 with 0 wind is… :eek:

Something seems very fishy about what has occured over the last week. The law of gravity has an even stronger presence now.

Well several points which I’m trying to graph and will have shortly:
First, Asafa was very short of competition time this year and the WCs represented a huge percentage of what he had all season- 6 out of 17 total, counting rounds vs 32 last year- leaving him ready to go in Rieti. The gaps between comp periods this year were far larger than last year and if that had NOT been the case, I think we could have seen a very different story in Osaka. That is why I was so disappointed with both the race and the story-line afterwards.
Second, psychological strength or weakness is generally a reflection of preparation. My favorite example has always been Borzov. Everyone said he was hypnotized in Munich etc but, in reality, he was just plain more prepared than anyone else.
In Montreal, where he lack race fitness due to injury, he fell apart over the last bit of the race and fell from second to third. Where was his psychology in 1976 if it was the answer in 1972?
A Long-to-Short program’s SPP has a risk of going on too long because the time at a high enough MPS is influenced so strongly by the distance done at the starting point, duration, and the number of races run. The chart is almost ready. I hope it clarifies things.
He’s ready, but ten days late.
Now for Zurich. They could have told him his demands were too high and simply left him out this year without the personal attack. Now let’s see if it bites them in the ass.

like i said weeks ago his training was never the problem.

Timing is part of training. First WR last year was race 18. WR this year was race 18!

What meets are remaining this season?

It will be interesting to see what the splits are (if there were any taken). Charlie, which portion of Asafa’s race did the improvement occur over? My guess is that it would be over the first 60 meters.

My guess would be the finish, ie his Special Endurance, which Charlie seemed to imply in an earlier post was further developed DURING the world championships, with 100m and 4 x 100m rounds and finals.

His first 60m was good during the worlds, even in the final.