Articles Written By Jay Schroeder Of Evosport

does anyone have the articles written by jay schroeder in Power lifting usa or any other articels written by jay , thanks.


James I emailed you the old sample program that was on the old arp program, if anyone else wants it let me know!

I would like a copy as well.

I’d like one as well, please.


me too please

Okay I will just post it here!!!
(Please note, I got this off his site about three years ago so maybe he has changed some stuff, who knows???) Let the fun begin!!!

UPPER TORSO Monday and Friday

  1. Altitude Drop Push Ups
    10 drops x 1 set 30 second hold upon catch, height of drop is 18-30"
    Manual Force is applied upon landing, just before lockout
    2)Ice Massage 3 minutes to the upper torso
    3)Iso Extreme bench press Using Cambered bar or Extreme Postion Push up
    30 second manual hold at bottom
    4)Vibration Massage
    1min on an 1 min off x4
    5)Rest 3-8 min
    6)Bench Press 3 reps x 1 with a breif pause on first rep, rest 1min then perform a manual overspeed rep, rest 3 min then perform a pause rep with 95%, The first reps are 85% the overspeed rep is 66%

Guidlines: Vibration Massage for 4 minutes, then rest 2 min and repeat steps 1 thru 3, After repeat of steps 1 thrue 3 perform vibration massage for 1 min on 1min off 6x then rest 2min and repeat steps 1 and 2. After Repeating 1 and 2 steps , perform vibration massage for 6 min and repeat step 6.

LOWER TORSO Tuesday and Satuday

  1. Altitude Drops (Same as push up , one person on each side holding while athlete is in an upright position, just before lockout using saftey squat bar.)
  2. Ice Massage 3 min to quads hams glutes and lower back
    3)Extreme Deadlift (elevated) Same as Iso Extreme bench Press
    4)Vibratoor Massage Same as Upper Torso
    5)Rest 3 min
    6)Squat (Tuesday) Same as Bench Press
    7)Deadlift (Saturday) Same as Bench Press
  3. Guidlines Same as Upper Torso

Hope this helps everyone!!! I have attatched a pic of what I believe is the Iso Extreme push up for those confused as to what it is, In the pick a dumbell is on this dudes back!!! Please not no swiss ball cleans and indo board fakie’s, this program is missing that renegade edge that all programs need so I add the olie’s and swiss ball kick flips in as I please! :stuck_out_tongue:

dumbbell on this dudes back? isnt that an extreme position for the shoulder joint? mmmmm a labrum tear anytime soon? Is this program for top conditioned elites or this guy off his rocker? can someoen explain the ice massage at step #2? I like ice masssage’s & vibration but why in those particuliar order?

triguy I have not idea why he does what he does in the order he does? The ice and vibro massage are to speed up restoration that is about the only thing my dumbass could figure out…sorry man!

How the hell would one do this?

3)Extreme Deadlift (elevated) Same as Iso Extreme bench Press

Where are the gluTE ham raises and reverse hypers?

it’d be an ISO deadlift in a deep stretch position off a box.

the ice and vibration actually have to do with a principle of the less in the more out. basiclly this principle says taht if u reduce the amount of cns input recieved by the sensory nerves in the body the more your cns can put out ie. better lifts more motor units recruited. by icing the muscle u reduce the input into the cns and u can increase cns output. the same thing goes for vibration. read enoka he has a little information on this.

B]dumbbell on this dudes back? isnt that an extreme position for the shoulder joint? mmmmm a labrum tear anytime soon?[/b]

good point. Some guys are built with great joint structures. If I did that I would be a new BMW for Dr. Gill!

“How the hell would one do this?
3)Extreme Deadlift (elevated) Same as Iso Extreme bench Press”
I do not exactly know how one would do this??? I think standing on a box you lift the barbell and and in the stretch positon (at bottom of deadlift you hold it) ??? I am not sure though?

“Where are the gluTE ham raises and reverse hypers?”
Note this is an intro workout nothing specific…was posted on the arp website before they redid it…I believe it something people would first do when they arrive to him or something he would prescribe before you start training with him…then after you get this stuff down you take the strength build up and start doing the ploys and GHR!!! Not sure if this ir right, just a guess! :confused:

What do they mean by “vibration massage”?

As is the case with many things, take it with a grain of salt. Think of a logical progression. If you tie that in with some of Thibadeau’s stuff, you could use it for flexibility and CNS issues. I don’t think he would have an athlete walk in and have the DB on the back! They throw up the cool looking stuff but don’t show the building blocks. Isn’t that the internet hype approach? You could use band standing for that purpose. No ab involvement but same idea somewhat.

Vibration massage is done by using vibration on your muscles…Over the phone a while back, Schroder told me a massage pad would work, I use one of those piece of crap things from Kmart…one the same site I got the sample program I posted, it says they use the ARP Modality (used to creat an environment of full muscle estension especially effective in speed strength and speed performance enhancement recovery preventing injury and rehab)…Impulse Machine ( i posted this somewhere in an older thread)…Yesis Machine (GHR’s DUDE)…and the NEMES whole body Vibration Training Platform…used to strengthen the neurotransmitter, nerohormonal and neuromuscular process during high intensity training and in restoration!!!) If you are interested in shakin like a coconut on a winds day!!! CHECK DIS OUT !!! What the hell is she doing? Is that miss davies?? :eek:

If you can do a dip, and most people can, then that pushup stretch hold is nothing, it doesn’t have the same ROM as a dip as far as the shoulders go, but more pec stretch

I do these all the time after my upper body workouts - I hold for at least a minute.
does the same thing as lots of static stretches, but just a ton more effective.
EQI - eccentric quasi isometric stretches
although it does add some strength and hypertrophy gains too - depending on the intensity

If it’s a problem, then there are issues to sort out, or else don’t bench :slight_smile:

The Multi-Purpose apparatus

The NEMES can be used in:
sport : strength, limberness/agility and power, to be used in addition, or as an alternative to conventional power-training

fitness : warming-up, fitness, strength and cooling-down

physical therapy : treatment of injuries, injury prevention and rehabilitation (back, knee, hip, ankle, pelvis, foot complaints, joints, muscles, tendons)

rehabilitation : treatment of muscle atrophy, muscle hypotonia, peripheral circulation disorders, pain suppression, muscle strengthening, oedema (lymph drainage) and proprioceptive disturbances

geriatrics : fitness and revitalisation

medical : treatment of disorders such as osteoporosis, various muscular and nervous disorders, paresis, various handicaps and forms of spasticity

cosmetics: for the treatment and prevention of fluid accumulation, low muscle tone, cellulitis, figure improvement and getting rid of body-fat

anti-ageing strategies

business fitness and burnout.

The advantages of vibration-training with the NEMES:

multi-purpose effect
high effectiveness
short period of treatment (maximum of 10 minutes per day !!)
no overload of joints, ligaments and tendons
gives no mental load
gives no metabolic load.

The NEMES apparatus is compact, movable and needs very little space. The NEMES is easy to use.

Training/treatment with the NEMES : efficient and effective
The NEMES apparatus works in an very effective way. By using the NEMES for a short training period, you can get the most out of your training-sessions, which does not need to be more than 10minutes (!) per day.

Efficient and effective, but be careful !!
The NEMES is an extremely powerful and effective training-apparatus, and most certainly not a kid’s toy. Users of the apparatus must definitely not underestimate the effect of vibration on the human body. This could happen if it is used incorrectly or injudiciously.

The NEMES apparatus should only be used under the supervision and/or control and/or advice of a doctor, physician, or physical therapist or an experienced supervisor.

We strongly advise the users to strictly follow the instructions for use and protocols which are to be found in the manual.

Contra-indications of NEMES
Although in the past we have had no reason to give contra-indications, we advise the utmost care in using the NEMES. We include below a list of theoretically possible contra-indications for using the NEMES or for doing vibration-training in general. If you have one or more of the below-mentioned indications, if you suffer from one or more symptoms, disorders, illness or syndrome, or if you are not sure about the contra-indications, you should definitely not do vibration-training.

If you are in doubt, or have any queries, ask first of all your doctor, physician, or physical therapist or an experienced supervisor.

recent or possible thrombosis or thrombotic complaints
cardio-vascular (heart and vascular) complaints, e.g. heart-valve disorders
advanced arthrosis, arthropathy (joint disorders), acute rheumatoid arthritis
frecent sutures, scars and fresh wounds as a result of an operation or treatment in an outpatients’ department
foot-, knee- and hipimplants or replacements
any metal or synthetic implants like pacemakers
lumbal disc problems, such as hernia, discopathy or spondylosis
acute inflammations or infections

Up to now, we have had no complaints about the use of the NEMES, and we want to keep it that way.
A symptom which often occurs is an itching skin. The explanation for this is that the blood vessels in the skin are open, just as if somebody has put ice-cold hands into a bucket of warm water. This is nothing to worry about, and simply an indication of the effect of the NEMES on the blood circulation.

The NEMES is a unique training apparatus. We already know, most unfortunately, that there are all sorts of people , who try to imitate the vibration-apparatus with extremely good-looking models at attractively low prices.

First and foremost, it is essential to realise that not all vibration has a positive effect. You can go and sit on top of the rotating washing-machine, or have a ride on a motor-bike if you really want to feel vibration ! The NEMES has been developed and extensively (scientifically) researched and tested as to all the possible effects.

Bear in mind, therefore, that there are dangers attached to imitating the vibration-apparatus. From an visual point of view, our apparatus looks very simple, but it is extremely important to remember that scientific research teams have spent years on developing such an apparatus. Use of the wrong components, faults in assembling, an incorrect programming of the computer apparatus and incorrect or injudicious use of the vibration-apparatus and/or training, can result in serious damage to the body or to certain (vital) organs. For example, certain frequencies can give rise to resonance of certain vital organs and functions, and thus cause damage to (a part of) the (functioning of the) body. To avoid these sorts of problems, certain frequencies have been filtered-out of the computer program of the NEMES!!!

If by vibration massage they mean the Nemes apparatus, these time frames, as long as they might even correspond to the ones used in the research papers (are there any concerning the upper body vibration ?) seem extremely extended.

I’ve been experimenting with the Nemes upper body device lately with swimmers, and although interesting in its applications and overall results,it seems quite taxing locally (long muscular recovery times) and on the whole organism (cns stress) when not used at moderate/lower intensities and for shorter time frames than indicated.