Arms workout

In my training right now the only thing my coach has us do for arms would be back excercise which use the bicep secondary and bench which uses the triceps. If I were to incorporate an arms workout twice a week on the days I lift back and chest at the end of the workout would this be overtraining. And yes this is just for looks. Anyone know a killer arm routine to add some growth. thanks

Try this link:

Why would you want to train the arms specifically? That program by Christian Thibaudeau is a program for bodybuilders and I don’t see how it could help a sprinter.

I feel the arms are stimulated enough in the compound lifts.

If linebacker is a linebacker, the added mass can help in football. Also chicks dig big arms, hence why I post on saturday nights!

you could do weighted dips. For biceps alternate curls with dumbells should work ok. I wouldnt hit them too hard though…

1)Skullcrusher to forehead 10 reps 401 tempo rest 10 sec.
2)Skullcrusher to nose 10 reps 401 tempo rest 10 sec.
3)Skullcrusher to chin 10 reps 401 tempo rest 2 min. REPEAT 2 MORE TIMES.
1)Reverse curl 10 reps 311 tempo rest 10 sec.
2)Hammer curl 10 reps 302 tempo rest 10 sec’
3)EZ Preacher curl 10 reps 312 tempo rest 2 min. REPEAT 2 MORE TIMES.
Your arms should be shot after this! In case you don’t know tempo, say 301 for example would be 3 sec lowering or eccentric no pause at bottom, followed by 1 sec raising or concentric. GOOD LUCK!!!

Whoops, I didn’t notice that you’re a linebacker. :slight_smile:

In that case, one of my bodybuilder friends had some real success when I put him on the Canadian Cannons program (and a variation for his triceps which was on Christian’s forum).