Are hamstrings naturally prone to cramping up?

Like…if I was to crank up EMS high enough, or curl my leg as hard as I could and try to keep curling harder(no weight though) my hammies will cramp up. Does this indicate a problem???

Anything will cramp if the contraction is strong enough. EMS at a high enough level? Yes, definitely. Curling your leg? Possible I suppose if it was already tight…

I dunno…I did it last night pretty hard and they didn’t cramp up. I think it’s cuz I did it lying down actually yesterday.

edit: dumb question LOL

please read ur manual, we dont want u to die.

LOL hahahahahaha

yeah that was a dumb question…i remember seeing those ab infomercials where they sold low power ems devices and saw them being used on the chest. i always thought “wasnt that extremely unsafe?” lol