April 30, 2005 HFM

My journal for this race.

Current levels
Flying 30’s - 3.1 and 3.2’s
Standing 60’s- 6.6’s low
Standing 150’s- 16.5’s
Standing 100-10.9

Bench-300lbs (1)
Squat-455lbs (4)

10.75 100 meters

60’s x8 all in 6.6 standing
squats 405 4x4

I was so out of it on Tuesdsay 3/1 I rested
Today I am still worn out so i did easy tempo.
Total 1000 meter of 100 and 200’s
I dont think I will be able to sprint again until Friday or maybe longer.

perhaps you’ll be much better tomorrow!

why not reducing the volume of the previous sprint session, so you can have another stimulus during the week? say Mon -Thu?

would this work better for you?

You nailed the problem. I am still trying to figure it out.
THere have been previous training secessions,last year, that it seemed that if I did 5x60 or 8x60 i was just as worn out.But still I would rather get 3 speeds in a week.
Still if my next workout is not up to par I will decrease the volume.
And another factor is that the race is 8 weeks out (April 30). I could decrease volume for the peak. 8x60 then down to 5x60.
I might be able to go thrus., sat. so m/th/sat speed. t/w tempo friday-rest.


Hey Kelsey,
An interesting factor CF brings out:
Short speed at 100% needs up to 6 days recovery. So he includes speed end which 1) stresses muscles more than cns and 2) to be done at less than 100% but at least 90% - this way you get more overall speed workouts during the week’s sched and you dont fry yourself.
You can do speed end from 80m.

1- short speed
2- tempo
3- spec. end. (60-80m reps 90-95%, 2-3min recovery)
5-speed end. (80m reps full recovery.)

I admire your keeping up with it bro…

the speed/“special” endurance option mentioned is a good one to spread CNS stress; and i suppose, now it is the time to do it; later on you’ll have some racing anyway…

also, personal preference, i’d prefer the rest day on Wed; i just don’t like having some passive rest after a speed day; have the tempo and then some rest and you should be ok for next track session (like in blocks of 2 days, if that makes sense…)

have variety in there…
all the best!

Thanks. I would prefer the passive rest also, but I was so wasted after the 8x60 on mond. that I had to rest tuesday.

Today Thrusday 3/3
I did 3 standing 100. The meet this Sat. 3/5 i could not attend.
I felt very good. I will lift tonight bench
and hopefully powerclean on sat or sund.
Monday- tempo or 30’s depending on recovery
3/12 Track meet 100 meters.

Thanks everyone for the support.

recoveries between 100s? i mean, was this a reason for the drop in time?

yes, see how it goes on Mon, but accel work on Tue and racing on Sat won’t be bad either!

let us know!

I rested about 10 min. between 1 & 2, and I think the 2nd one was faster,but i missed the time. THe third one i rested about 15 min. I just couldn’t get it together.

so now you know! no need for a third one… if it takes you too long to recover and you don’t feel for it, leave it…

it’s a one-off situation, so no worries!

PS ask Zhanna about it…

Aloha Kelsey

Nice to see someone from Hawaii who made it to the big stage post here. I did have the privilege of seeing Adrian Murrell in person when
he played for Leilehua H.S. Im not sure if he was before your time, but did you ever run against him?
I also have a classmate from Kamehameha with the same last name as you (maybe youre related…lol) that I graduated with in 92. Anyway good luck with your prep for the HFM and maybe i’ll come and watch you run. Is it still being held at Punahou’s track? Also what kind of diet are you on? I remember seeing you on KGMB when you won once and youre shredded!

You forget how old I am. Adrian is younger than me. I never ran against him. IHe ran a hurracaine aided 10.6h at kaiser I was there for the race. If you class mate has the same last name we are related. Who is it? Kisha thats my sister. she grad 94.
My diet is fairly high in protein, medium carbs and fat. I kind of focus in on my diet about a month before. So beginning of April.
Are you running? Did you run track??

Aloha Kelsey
Sorry, I made a mistake, my classmates name is slightly different than yours, but I was there the same time as your sis. I only ran track when I was in summer fun from 12-13 yrs old. I did win the 50 yrd dash for my age division when i was 12. But we lost the relay to Honowai and later found out they had used a 13 yr old to anchor their team. I also got invited to Hershey’s but that was disastrous for me since i was used to running barefoot. I ended up running with some basketball shoes and ran in the high 15s in the 100m. I never played sports at Kamehameha atleast not under any coach. I would just play with friends and other ppl at school, mostly basketball.

Right now im 31 and would like to get in shape. Im an ectomorph so hopefully I dont get skinnier. I am waiting to recieve my GPP dvd before i start training. I have Charlies E-books as well and they are great references for someone like me who has no formal training in sprinting. I dont plan on competing but id like to train hard and challenege myself. Good luck with your comeback and maybe ill get to see you run at HFM.

Kulia I ka Nu`u

3/7 Monday
Flying 3x20’s-2.1
6xflying 30’s-3.11,3.093.06,09,03,05
4 starts no time
Power cleans
205x3 -4 sets

0.1 or less of a difference between 20 and 30m? that’s good!

i bet you wanted a sub-3" in the 30s… damn it!

may i ask how you time the flyings? i am usually good in timing, i mean vs. official times, but i am never sure with flyings…

Apologies for the hijack, but Webb just go for it. You don’t need the GPP DVD to start, if you have the books you have waaay more than enough, just get going.

say how far is your run-up for those runs??

why i asking is because i think those times definitely dont refelct your standig 60m times (low 6.6s) and definitely not 100m runs in 10.55, or am i wrong??

i think with that sort of performance your flying runs should be easy 2.8s!

anyways man your times are very good, i mean if ur running 10.5 inn practise then screw the flying 30m, the 100 is all that counts. keep up the very good work


My thinking is that the times will come for each segment eventually.
The 6.6’s i think are in line with the 3.1’s. I just ran the 3.0 this week.
I think the 10.55 standing = the low 6.6’s closing in a little under 4.0.
Thanks for the support

I wanted the 2.9, but it will come. I wanted to stay relaxed more than anything else.
I self time it.
Start back about 15 meters.