Any way to speed the recovery of tendonitis?

I have tendonitis in my hamstring(upper). So far, the only thing I’ve done is iced it. Is there anything else that I can do to speed up recovery, because it seems to not be getting any better. Thanks.

I developed mild tenditis in my achilles about a month ago. After a couple of weeks of rest, it pretty much didn’t feel any better. I started doing some exercises to help the area a couple of days ago, and already the morning pain has lessened considerably. I’m doing things like toes raises, slow eccentric heel drops, as well as stretching the calf area, icing my ankle afterwards. Perhaps something along a similar line, only targeting the hamstring, may help.

It may also be that you have some scar tissue around the area which should be massaged out, again icing afterwards. I’m no expert though!

It’s kind of interesting you said that about the eccentric work because I was just reading something about eccentric calf raises for calf or achilles tendonitis.

I’m not so sure about stretching. I’m pretty sure that stretching just makes it worse. Since stretching makes it worse, I don’t know how eccentric work could help. I had thought just the opposite today, that I should only do concentric. I did some unweighted, concentric only step-ups earlier today.

I probably read the same article. I later did a search on the internet and came up with various physio sites recommending eccentric strengthening exercises. It does seem to be doing the trick. You may well be right about the stretching, but in my case my calfs felt quite tight, so the stretching has helped.

Anything you can do to get blood in there without stressing the tissue is good. Massage, contrast showers, EMS, light warmups every day etc… Nutrition is also just as important. High dose fish oil (15-20 grams), enzymes, and good diet.

The EMS would be light pulsing, right?

For the fish oil, is that 15-20 grams of EPA+DHA or just of the oil? I’ve been taking more than usual, but that seems really high if it is EPA+DHA.

One more question: Is icing or heating better? I keep reading conflicting information.

Thanks for the help.

Don’t heat man! I tried that with terrible results! You think you’re increasing the blood flow, but the tendon just stays permanently swollen and sore.

Well that’s good to hear because I’m icing right now.

Just 15-20 grams of fish oil not that much EPA/DHA :slight_smile:

Re: Heat vs Ice most tendonitis is actually tendonisis not tendonitis. The difference is with the “itis” there is swelling and inflammation present. Tendonisis tends to be chronic and more difficult to deal with. Ice should be used if it is in fact tendonitis to temper the inflammation. If it is tendonisis then you need more blood flow not less. Ice can still be beneficial but IMO should be coupled with heat therapy…Ice by itself won’t do a whole lot of good but if you alternate cold and heat you can bring more flood flow into the area.

OK then I think it might be tendonisis. The diagnosis keeps getting worse…at first I thought it was soreness; then I thought it was a slight muscle strain or pull, which should heal quickly with the right treatment; then tendonitis, which seems to generally take a long time to heal; and now tendonosis, which seems worse than tendonisis. I’m starting to have doubts about indoor season…Maybe this will teach me to take my cautions seriously.

Thanks for the help.