any solutions for my pains?

These are the injuries I am struggling with even after 2 months of rest and gradual buildup to running.

  1. Innflammation in my hip flexor
  2. Stiff and sore in achilles tendon and load cracking sound every morning i go out of bed.

I have been to PT`s but they dont know what it is or how I can get better.
Any solutions?

For my achilles issues, it was 18months to recovery, and the things that helped most were:

  1. Wearing running shoes inside
  2. Rolling/massage/stretching my gastroc and soleus
  3. Avoiding running

Lots of therapy.
Go see a muscloskeletal therapist
Use Epson salt baths 2 - 3 times a week till better then 1 time a week for maintenance
Foamrolling - as often as you need it for at home therapy
Ask for acupuncture and sliding cupping from the therapist following by PNF stretching.
And of course - a better diet.

When u say better diet, I guess you are saying that a bad diet can cause innflammation? What should I eat to avoid pains?

I’ve noticed - those who respond best to therapy have the best diet.
lots of fruit n veggies
lots of meat, fish, eggs etc

not much - processed stuff, alcohol, and hungry Jacks…

I’ve seen people improve in training more in a week by eating well, than in a month by eating what they normally eat.

I’ve noticed a difference to my recovery since I drastically reduced sugar from my diet.

what do people think about flaxseed oil? does that help with reduced inflammation??

Theres a guy, brian peskin, who has coined a new term rather than EFA’s(essential fatty acids), he recommends PEO’s(parent essential oils), which are efa’s but a more specific type, more omega 6 than omega 3. They are apparently all organic.

He attacks the fish oils(inflammation causing), says they needed a way to make money off the fish scraps so just mashed em up and stuffed em in gelatin(something along those lines).

Peskin recommends:

-organic evening primrose oil
-high linoleic sunflower oil
-organic flax oil
-organic pumpkin oil
-organic extra virgin coconut oil
-organic high linoleic safflower oil

I’ve been taking 2 of the 5, and stopped taking my fish oil, and have been feeling less inflamed than when taking fish oil. Not too sure if its because of the addition of flax and coconut oil.

When the oils are all combined, they’ll be available to purchase in 2014, maybe ill buy the blend. Or i may buy each oil separate and make up my own dosage lol.