Any Hypothyroid athletes here ?

I am interested if you know/are a hypothyroid sprinter…

How are you treated ? How does that effect your training ? What were your blood levels before and after treatments ?

Was diagnosed with Hashimotos last week so I am trying to find out whats going on now.

Thanks !

If you don’t mind, what tipped you off to getting this checked out? Curious to know how it unfolded.

Just to name a few-
-inability to lose weight with diet/exercise

  • feeling run down, sluggish, lethargic
  • mood shifts
  • forgetfulness

My levels were always low, but the doctor never checked for antibodies until now … and I got a positive, it means my immune system is trying to attack the thyroid gland.

My heart goes out to you. I’m sure everyone on the forum wishes you well.

Hey! Can’t help you here, but the positive is you are aware of this condition! Best wishes and let us know how you deal with it -if you want to, of course! Others, any advice?

If your thyroid hormones are low they will put you on hormone replacement therapy.

Supplementing with 200 microgram/day of Selenium can also be beneficial (2).

Overall, this condition can usually be controlled effectively, and I would expect performance improvements following the initiation of therapy.

(1) Beckett GJ, Arthur JR. “Selenium and endocrine systems.” J Endocrinol. 2005 Mar;184(3):455-65.

Thanks guys !!
I am now on HRT of T4 ! Hoping it will get better ! I hate being defective though :frowning:

Thanks for that research ! I will get some selenium, why not ??

By the way Nick- GPP is going great at the moment, It’s so powerful in it’s effects on my mechanics that I dont want to leave that hill !!! I just keep getting better, at a much faster rate than all of the SPP i have done last year… Maybe I should extend GPP to 12 weeks ? But then again, I will only have 2 months for SPP because of the 60m meets.

a friend of mine ages ago had that, he takes (for what i know, the rest of his life??) either T3 or T4 - cant remember - and yes, it was obvious he was lacking in something for the benifits he gained once starting the HRT was almost like night and day.
Mind you, his performances never got above average, but for him, average was much better than plain old suck…
I wish i worked with a Dr - im sure some of my clients have Thyroid issues - they diet, they train but results are very very slow. Maybe 5% of clients?

That’s great, glad to see this! Keep it up! :cool:

Hello Silencer. I’m not sprinter but a marathoner. Well. I have the same syndrome as you. It was detected before 4-5 years and I am taking T4 everyday. When someone has Hashimoto, he will be have it for the rest of his life. The dose of the thryrormone that you need it depends by the levels of the antibodies T4/T3/TSH you have and the condition of your Thyroid. My sister has the same as me and you. She was started with 24mg T4 a day and now after 5 years she is taking 120mg/day. I dont have so much problem. I started with 12mg and I am taking the same dose today. It depends by the body. My body condition is the same, full normaly except when I 'm stopping taking T4. I have stoped 2-3 times and I had a small problem in my weight (aprox. 3-4 kilos in 2 weeks). My sister is talking the treatment but she has taken about 15 kilos in 5 years. After I started the T4 I have not any problem except a small problem with my night-sleep but I can’t be sure that it is from the hypothyroid.

Hypothyroidism is not a big problem if you are checking it casual. Personaly I 'm doing blood test every 3-4 months to check T4/T3/TSH/SGOT/SGPT.

Of course you have to talk with an endocrinologist to set your dose!

Thanks alot Dejan ! Repped !

EDIT: Original poster asked to discuss this in private.