Any elite with large feet ?

Did any sub 10 second sprinters have larger than size 10 shoe?
Most of the elite seem to be size 9 shoe. Tysoon Gay is 8.5 size shoe, and as that’s american size 8.5, then that’s pretty darn small,
like a girls size foot.

Do any of the elite sprinters actually have medium size feet?

Linford christe was british size 10, and wore 9.5 sprint spikes and he was 6 ft 2.5 in’ so for his hieght he had small feet.

Can anyone give me an example of an elite sprinter that’s not a lucky genetic freak with stupidly lucky small measurements please?
I’m getting peed of with all these sports superstars that were born with four legs and
1 mm wide ankle made of steel. Are there any normal elite athletes? If anyone can provide even one example, I’ll be happy about it.

Has there ever been a sprinter that got there just from hard work?

WIll there even be one reply to this post?

It shouldn’t matter. Those who make it do so because they manage to stay the fuck away from serious injury while having a coach/coaches who are in tune enough to adapt a training program to suit their athlete (ie with what works and what does not).

Also, those who make it leave no stone unturned. Make of that what you will, but there are certain things that must be done to be a sub-10 second sprinter. The above-mentioned are key reasons, then there are others: mental side. You need to be incredibly sure of yourself and confident.

I went on a bit of a tangent there, but Shaq has size 22 feet: That’s pretty proportionate. Lol.

Bill Clinton and Abraham Lincoln both had size 13 puppies.

I’m 6’5" and have size 13 feet.

Don’t worry about it too much. Worry about making your next session the best you’ve ever had.

Peace. :smiley:

Ato Boldon had big feet and was a sub 10 man.
Not sure how big his feet were though.

i was gunna say Ato - his feet compared to looking at other guys looked like flippers!!

an old wives tail here about Ballerinas is if you have flat feet, you cannot ever become any good as you wont have any power or be able to jump. :eek:

Ronald Pognon uses 8.5 US (7.5 UK) very arched feet with body height 1.86m and Olu Fasuba 10 US (9 UK) very flat feet with body height 1.75m. I don’t know what to think about it. Should I ?

Probably not worth worrying about. although a while back, John Carlos (WR 100Yds) was size 13! Tommy Smith was 101/2- I know cause I borrowed his spikes once!

Size 15 US @ 6’.

Looks like I’m doomed to stay slow. :smiley:

You can definitely find some large egos to compensate for these small feet :smiley:

x-man basicly has skis for spikes.


You must be physic,I have been going to ask the question for ages " Is it my imaginattion or does having long feet help top sprinters " as it seemed to me that many of them were so endowed. Perhaps it is just an illusion but if it is not ,could it be that they could gain extra leverage as a consequence thus aiding their performance.

Well, if you look at it, the size of the foot can work for you or against you. Large feet have more tendon and provide more elastic energy per stride than smaller feet, but larger feet also add more weight to the distal end of the limb, meaning it takes more energy to cycle your legs.

I really don’t think foot size is an impediment either way unless you let it be.

Not meaning to tease but maybe your jsut slow and your looking for an excuse?

Donovan Bailey had extremely flat feet and pretty large. Talked about how sprinters are supposed to have thickness from top to bottom of the feet and he took his shoes off and showed me how flat his feet were.

It was very amusing (and broke the tension), especially as it came after the second round in Atlanta when he also said “you are going to be real happy with me” - which was true after 9.84WR in the final. It wasn’t as blatant as BJ “when the gun goes, the race be over” from '87, but it was the next best thing to predicting victory.

mo greene looks like has some very large cheetah paws(long and wickedly thick), in this video. However it could just be the position and angling of the camera creating an illusion.
view 5:58 near the end

yeah, that looked huge feet eh!!

Training has no effect in shoe’s size so better focus on what you can improve.

An art exhibition was done in Stockholm meeting a few years ago, with athletes’s foot prints. Very different shapes for runners. (showing Daniel Komen, Gail Devers, Maria Mutola, Marion Jones, Maurice Greene, Melissa Morisson and Michael Johnson)

Is that all they’re compensating for? Lololol.