Anti-inflammatory substances (all kinds)

Could you help me compile a list of all the possible kinds of anti-inflamatory substances? So far I have;

Strong prescription drugs
(Some fish/other oils) not sure which ones exactly, or to what extent
Herbs (I don’t know which ones though)
and of course ice!

any other substances/methods?

To what extent could there be a synergistic effect of combining some or all of the substances, and are there any possible harmful interactions?

Could any substances could replace drugs instead? The pills can have side effects from reduced absorption of nutrients, to producing pain themselves with continued reliance on them.

And do any of these need to be limited in terms of number of consecutive days or weeks, because of a tolerance effect?


I’m also interested in this. Cortisone seems to be last resort anti-inflammatory.

Glucosamine/Chondriotin are also related as they are supposed to aid in lubrication and healing of connective tissues.


green tea too

I have a friend who takes difene (sp) before every game just to keep the inflamation down.
He has suffered from many injuries over the years and he seems to think it is helping him get through games and recover faster.
I regularly try and tell him to take it easy with them as too much difene isn’t good for the stomach.

I found another two:garlic and onion…

Wobenzym N and serrapeptase systemic enzymes. I have had great success with them.

Could anyone help me research these questions? Any experience/names/sites/anything appreciated!

A couple of good links are (go to library) and

You could add turmeric/curcumin and boswellia to your list of natural anti-inflammatories. These 2 Indian herbs are excellent natural inflammatories, however, you have to be prepared to wait 6-8 weeks until they exert their full effects

Arnica - is there more than one kind? I’ve done a search on the internet, and there is some controversy about the homeopathic version, but it might have been bad reporting - one study found no significant effect.

Someone else mentioned their daughter used it for treatment of pain/inflammation when having wisdom teeth out, with amazing results.

I think I’ll try it. Depending on the likeness of the gel to others, I might be able to test it against a ‘placebo’ myself (blind of course, I’ll get someone else to choose which ones when).

I’m a bit confused about homeopathy, which I thought involved super-diluted active ingredients. In the case of arnica/traumeel, they are not diluted this way… :confused:

Herb, have you used Traumeel, or do you know anyone who has? Is it injectable or drinkable?

As per NumberTwo I believe…it is only effective when injected.

I forgot one: