Another sprint video

14 yr old female, PB in 100 of 13.4.

30m sprint from blocks video in half speed…Comments are appreicated.

can she do a pullup? her back looks as if it may be a bit weak.

what makes you say that? Just curious. She can do 5-8 pull ups, all the way up, all the way down :slight_smile:

To me it looks like her upper back is a bit rounded and her backward arm swing could be more forceful (maybe the slo-mo is messing with me).

Doesn’t look like anything I’d specifically cue… it’s something I may just address through continued training and balance of the postural muscles. Heck, maybe it just looks a tad off because she’s coming out of blocks in flats instead of spikes.

What are your thoughts on her mechanics?

has good enough mechanics, what it seems to mee is just general lack of power but theres not to much you can do in the way of weights, but she could do power building stuffs like certain plyo’s and other various works outs without weights, just do a bit of research and you’ll find what i’m talking 'bout. P.S. she could get her legs higher but that is a result of a lack of quad strength, just be smart and follow the safty procautions when working with ploy’s because they take alot more out of an athlete then one would normally believe, just read into it.

She hasn’t raced in spikes yet! She ran for her Middle school and there season ended, I’m picking her up from there.

Her starts are usually quick to about 10-20m. She has a very low knee lift but has extrememy fast turnover. From the other video I took, she gets her elbow out nicely, has slow reaction (not sure if she was tired or what, she said she felt good). She’s very flexible but has had quad tightness from earlier this week. I feel if we can get her foot under her hips a bit more, it should help her a bit. I’m working on drills to help with that.

You mentioned back, and it was a big “ah ha” moment. I need to do more back work, since we do none :frowning:

Any other comments from mortac or others?

how tall is she? She looks tall and therefore it may take a bit longer to get strong enough. I think she looks pretty good so far. It’ll also get much easier to do a block start once she has spikes- nt only due to grip, but the lighter weight also.

She’s 5’3". Thanks for the comments Charlie!