Another S-L Question

Anybody can answer this question because it’s really simple. More or less, I don’t understand how I’m suppose to implement it? So could somebody help we with the first week?

For example, the first week for Mon+Fri it says; 2x30 3.5 rep?? Is that 30m 90% effort sprint for 3 sets?

Moving along, 4x60/4x60/4/60 for 2.5 rep 7 set what does that mean?

As far as Wed (speed) when you get to the part in the graph in the teal color area I’m just lost.

Either way it looks like for a S/L I’m doing some form of all out sprinting 3 days out of the week; is that right?

1: 95%+ 2-3min rest

2: 3 sets of 4 reps of 60m runs 2.5 btw runs and 7min btw sets.

Ok, on No.2, the 60’s, how fast are they suppose to be run?

You’ll see a distance (like 20+maintain)
The distance you accelerate out smoothly determines how fast you are going relative to your ability. You accelerate out to a cone set at the distance shown on the graph and then hold that speed without change to the end. Remember that you may need to adjust the number of runs to reflect your background of training

For an SPP1 outdoors, could the split runs be full SE runs of 240 meters each?

So the SE work would start out as 3 x 240. vs the 3 x (4x60).

Also, if the 240 meters run are done, would a limit still be needed?

sure you could do that. As for the limit, it mostly applies to the first run of a 60 series before the athlete starts getting wiped and slows of his own accord!
A 240 run will will be sufficiently daunting that I doubt you’ll need any marks to slow them down any more than their own inclination will!

I have a question about wearing spike’s shoes. During SPP your athletes already wore the spike’s shoes? Or I can wait a bit later for wearing them?

Depends on your surface. On Most grass, you may need spikes to get grip. Some that are really hard you might be fine with Flats?
naturally, as they get faster, you’ll need spikes so as not to slip.