Another Quick Creatine Question

I’ve seen a lot of different things thrown around about when to take creatine. Using the search function and by looking on some websites, some people say to take it pre-workout, others say post-workout, others say in the morning, others say at night, and then some say it doesnt matter when you take it as long as you take the same amount per day. So all you nutrition gurus, and people smarter than myself, which one is right? When is the best time to take creatine that will result in the most benefits?

In my specific case, I’ll be waking up around 5:00am with weight training starting at 6:00am and ending at 7:30am. Then I have my track workout from 3:00-5:30pm. When should I be taking creatine, and how much? I was planning on going 5g per day for the first month, and then going down to 3g per day for the 2nd month. Then I’ll go off of it as we enter the competitive season for track.

I’m no expert, but I’ve used it both pre-workout and post-workout before… I found that it works good either way, but latley I’ve used it post-workout…

The recommendation of pre or post training has to do with utilizing the upregulation of transport proteins and increased blood flow during that period. So for science sake, my reaction is that it would likely make much difference unless you have an unwanted reaction to the creatine product you are consuming, like an upset stomach. However some creatine delivery systems include other agents that would make it more beneficial as a whole to consume it pre versus post exercise. I am specifically talking about energizing compounds or osmotic agents that aid in hydration and tension capabilities within the msucle.

I too would like to hear what other have had via their experiences.

not an expert either, but i’d prefer pre-workout (~1h)

on another note, is there any specific reason as to the loading method you are suggesting/using? and

why not taking it during the competitive period?

Its just that last year when I took creatine I think I took it too long into the competitive season, and that contributed to an injury that kept me out for almost 3 months (of course creatine wasnt the only reason, but combined with other factors it might have had an effect). So I dont want that to happen again.

as you say, creatine alone can’t be the single factor generating an injury; it seems difficult to me; if you keep a diary, go back and have a look at other aspects, as well…

and apart from that, if you take a set dose for too long, don’t you think that you are getting used to it anyway and tricking your body otherwise would be better?

not sure, just suggestions…

How about a creatine serum? I think they’re better. Check out the link I found:

My weight varies between 215-240 and so I take 10g of Creatine a day total when I am on the stuff. I take 5g one hour preworkout and 5g one minute postworkout that’s right 1 min postworkout. I take creatine one minute postworkout bc there should be a 45min-1hour delay in taking protein supplements from you postworkout creatine shake. So I take my protein shake 45min-1hour when I get home. :slight_smile:

As for liquid creatine buyer beware! It probably does work but why pay extra for the serum?

25lbs, why such a range?

It is not tricking your body. Consumption of creatine downregulates the natural production of glycocyamine, the required precursor to creatine methylation. Stop taking creatine, and production goes back up :smiley:

In lab tests that product has been shown to really contain no creatine at all. Bummer for bad press to that company. Maybe they should spend less capital on hot models at fitness shows and more on producing quality products.

I am curious as to what in general makes you want to evaluate your injury in terms of creatine consumption at any level? What specifically makes you believe this?

Very curious…

He probably cramped up and this is what most likely caused the injury.

I have always had a tire around my waist ever since I was young and as you know fat cells don’t disappear they only get smaller when one loses wt. I have had my training hindered many times for different reasons and when that happens I eat like a big fat pig. Those days are over now and I will most likely only be at this wt after the transition period when I begin my GPP every year.

There is an advantage to being fat and healthy. As Hatfield in “Power” states, the fat cells give a person “interstitial leverage” when strength training. So that is why you see all those big fat strongmen in those Worlds Strongest Man Competitions. I will use this excess wt to make the biggest gains in strength early in the year and then try and get stronger by using different methods (creatine … etc).

More importantly it’ll keep you warm during these Canadian winters!

well, not exactly; what i meant was instead of taking creatine for a month with the same dose etc, why not going on and off more frequently, so your body isn’t actually getting used to this same situation; that’s what i meant by “tricking it otherwise”

unless it doesn’t work this way… you tell me!

we must be carefull about bashing creatine here, this is why supplement bans are on the works.

for creatine??? :confused: really?

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least

that would be a first!