Annual periodisation

I’m interested to see anyone’s annual periodisation plan and the differences if any between coaches.

Do most of you aim to peak once, twice, three times a year?

Everyone on this forum obviously agrees the CFTS is a top way to train but what are your interpretations of ‘the man’s methods’ when it actually comes down to mapping out how you are going to get from point A at the beginning of the season to point B at the end.:smiley:

Jules, I’m training for the football combines and my plan isn’t for the whole year (it just take me out to June), but you can see my plan and my progress at:

I have endeavoured to follow Charlie’s philosophy as closely as possible while allowing for the differences in both the sport that I’m training for and the time periods that I have to work with.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Charlie´s ideas have been proven. It may be interesting to look at this article. Basically it is a brief discussion of planning from the western and eastern standpoints.

A quick review of periodization philosophies is available at:

this may be a dumb question, but if you started training in january and wanted to be as fast as you could be in december, would you want a double or a triple periodization schedule?

you should have started the month before, not the month after!!:smiley:

nice avatar jules it looks just like you hehe :o