?Ankle ROM

I have had lower limb probs on and off for a while. A masseur I saw recently said when I dorsiflex I have a range of motion of only 10degrees, when it should be 20. I’m not disputing what he says, but I thought 20 still seemed quite a small value. Anybody any thoughts?


She/He’s right. Of course it’s only approximate!

I assume that is 20 degrees from when your foot is flat on the floor? In which case this is what I have.

Classic biomechanics states that you only need 10 degrees of ankle dorsiflexion (starting from foot flat on the ground to toes towards the nose) for normal walking and I assume running.

JohnnyG, remember 20 degrees is text book perfect. Everyone is different. That’s how you were made. If both ankles are only 10 degrees, so what. Remember also, no one is text book perfect. There is a range that is normal and functional. Ten degrees is within that range. Twenty would be on the extreme end.


Thanks for the help guys