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Still looking good:p

Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games 400m final

Delhi 2010 Com Games 100m Final

Sally McLellan leaves the track after anchoring Australia’s 4x400m relay. She gutsed out a 52sec flying split and held second with 60m to go, but faded to around fifth…then died a thousand deaths.

Sally Pearson (nee McLellan) wins the 100m sprint, but was later DQd for falsestart

Lerone Clark takes Delhi 100


Are we going to have pictures from Daegu in this thread? :slight_smile:

Sally at hurdle 3

Man she looks pale but who cares she’s winning!

Remi doing something interesting

As you can see the harness works brilliantly: upper body close to horizontal, maximal bend at the waist. The perfect position for acceleration…LOL.

What can I say: No gadget, no guru.

Oh man. What are those shoulder straps for I wonder.