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Bolt was far from running relaxed in this race.

Tyson’s arms are quite massive. He has to be doing some isolating exercises. Any thoughs on this?

What I keep wondering is how much faster would Lemaitre be if he was more relaxed?

He also has lots of side-to-side action.

When pics like this are posted one immediately comments on the magnitued of leg extension. What I like to see in addition to the leg extension is the mobility at the hip to allow for the hip extension :D. Tyson is really displacing.

How much faster would he be if he cut that stash?

One of my new arrival freshmen DBs, Brandon Ifill, sprints in a fashion that is strikingly similar to Tyson with the exception of the obvious difference in speed.

I noticed it immediately and subsequently told him about it.

These are his high school bests:
100 - 10.79
200 - 21.81
400 - 54.14
55 - 6.58
60 - 6.97

I think Lemaitre does run relaxed. I think his mechanics need work. Obviously, this will come with strength and good coaching.

Have you been reading the article Usain Bolt Flies on Big Stride Angle at ? It is in the analyses of Top Athletes section.

Thanks John read it in a state of quiet despair. The following is not meant in any way as a criticism of anyone but the author:

WOW: How about that. Flexibility around the hips and groin helps increase ROM. Who would have ever thought …

And heavy weights are a thing of the past, eh? Tell it to Ben. He lifted heavy, had a superb ROM and his stride length came primarily through the quality of impulse applied to the track… wait, gee… just like Usain Bolt! Waddya know… now please send me a cheque for all this $ecret information. :rolleyes:

LMAO! Well said. Oh and how long did it take for you to come up with “Waddya”? :cool::smiley: