analyse this

If he wasnt so high in the air this would probably be a great start. He probably has lost some of the strength required to hold that position close to the ground and as a result compensated by going up in the air.

No photoshop there haha

He is so fast he lost his shadow at the start as well!

Yeah! good spot.

All that is missing now is superman’s cape.

I think I will try to mimic Asafa or Mo or Bolt.

Yep! A page in my training year spreadsheet contains:

tamfb avatar is nice as well.

Is that Asafa in the bottom photo?

Love that pic of Mo!

Yeah tamfb photo of Bolt is nice, so much for tall guys not being able to start.

Yea Asafa. His arm action, specifically the right arm is intense. It’s interesting that Mo’s lead arm is in about the same position while his rear arm action isn’t as exaggerated as Powell’s. Granted these are both training shots and at slightly different points.

In the Usain pic his shin is getting towards parallel while these 2 seem to both be at about 45 degrees.

Interestingly I have read that when Asafa started with Stephen Francis he had him watch video of Mo and Ato. It looks like Mo and Asafa really focus on forceful movement and extension with both arms, almost like they may cue that…

Bolt clearly focuses on lead arm extension/flick first. If you slow down video of Bolt his lead hand will be off the ground and moving forward well ahead of the rear arm which will still be in support.

Both Bolt and Asafa clearly emphasize front leg extension as they both will often times extend so fully that they drag their toe

an interesting set of comparisons of builds between the 100 /200 guys then the 400’s and then Oliver who is a monster.

d. oliver has been tearing it up. Does anyone know how many races he has left this season? Will he race D. Robles?

Due race Robles in London at the Diamond League.