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Australia’s Stephanie Rice, triple Olympic swimming gold medallist at Beijing 2008


Howe about this guy for ‘Ups’ ?!

He’s a 6ft 4in college junior guard

Australian Championships, Perth, April 2010
Men’s 100m Final

Melissa Breen wins the 100m in Perth

Ben Offereins wins the 400m final in 45.1

8.78 (+3.1) here we come: Fabulous Fabrice “Fab” Lapierre in Perth, April 2010

How worried does Wroe look? Is Rouge-Serret sponsored by Adidas or Nike? Wears Adidas uniform with Nike shoes (a major conflict there). The fab how close is he to the end of the pit after landing and sliding? Did he hit the end?

“Holy sh!t I’m gonna miss the pit”

The one on the right is a Queenslander, whose state uniform are the rest wearing. At marshalling their shoebags would have been taped over so no advertising was visable. Rules for some but not for all.

actually the guy on the right is from Japan