analyse this

The first 3 strides look active then you almost look like you’re shutting down again…if this is a flying run the beginning should be gradual with a definative move later on down the line. I dont see this happening…its kinda like one pace from the 3-4 stride.

Someone else commented on the low knee lift. I too can see that. There’s no pop of the track either (I can hear that from the sound of the feet landings). Next time try a build up zone of 40m (this give you plenty of time to get the form into the cones) with a 20-30m fly zone:

0—build up zone—40m>>>30m fly<<<

A little update on my form:

I would like to hear your opinions on my arm action. The first vid is part of a 3.87v 30m (lj runup) were I used one cue for the arm drive and in the second one (easy sfs) another. The later was filmed more recently and my leg mechanics seem to have improved(total step over, straight leg at ground contact, much much better torso posture, high hips, I am running tall) but the arm action worries me since it seems to be somehow robotic (xavier carter esque). The changes in leg and torso action don’t have anything to do with the arms cue. My arm angles also seem to be a little bit more retained






Btw does someone remember I posted last year asking about groin issues? I worked a lot on mobility and you can clearly see the results in the third vid.

I also use this post to ask about the role of retained arm angles. In a 100m race is it wise to run normally untill 60m were progressive retainment of arm angles could be used for energy sparing purposes? Many 200m runners seem to use this arm drive.

Thanks a lot.

Hey! Easy there guy! I’m joking here!!

Myriam Soumare beats veteran Christine Arron over 100m in the 2009 French Championships

Bolt “stepping over” in 100m, London 2009

Debbie Ferguson (foreground) braces on contact, wins 200m, London 09

Gay 200m London 09

Jamaicans in 100m, London 09

Carmelita Jeter (in the pink!) , 100m London 09

Jeter wins London 100 in 2009

Ronald Pognon wins the 100m at the 2009 French Championships

The way she kicks out her lower leg and then retracts it, plus her very upright trunk position, reminds me of Flojo.

Hmmm … let me see … my money’s on the guy in black and yellow!

Any idea where (in distance) this shot is from? Patton looks well in the lead, but Martina won. Would have thought Patton could have held on.

Martina is looking a lot more muscled than in other years… kinda surprised seeing as his times and inconsistency this season.

Whats with everybodys Shoulders popping out? The last photo posted, everybodys shoulders are just popping out like crazy!! The muscle bely of the delts is insane.