Amt Of Therapy Needed For An Injury?

Most specifically a rectus femoris tear (maybe in two places!) and subscapularis tightness/mild pain/weakness. What’s the best therapy for the dollar for this stuff? How much do you need?

Cannot evaluate you through cyberspace, but soft tissue work for both would be where I’d put my money. ART by a good practioner, same with massage therapy. I’ve given and have recieved both many, many times.

Depending on the extent of the injury, cause and length of time you should expect anywhere from a 50% to 100% improvement the first session.

The shoulder, is that from years of bench pressing? May take several treatments. Years of abuse and training errors take their toll after a while. I’ve had both shoulders worked on and am finally training pain free.
The quad injury sounds new, after the acute phase should not take more than 10 days - 2 weeks to get better.

PM me if you want further info.

Being an ART therapist I am a bit biased. However the protocols used for treating the subscapularis work very well. I have seen good stretches, but to date besides ART no effective direct soft tissue treatment methods for the subscap.

Your tear is a totally different situation. ART is an aggressive therapy and can actually make a tear worse if done incorrectly. The protocols need to be modified. If you live near a skilled ART practitioner, get in touch with them about your problem. If nothing else they can treat the muscles located near the injury, as they will be undergoing some adaptive shortening and possilbe adhesion development.

It may turn out that “traditional” treatment such as P.T. is the way to go initially, and once some healing has taken place get the ART work done. The only generalization I can make in reference to tears is that I tend to utilize massage first, then incorporate ART. However generalizations get thrown out the window depending on what the person presents. Everyone is a little different in how they respond to treatments.