am i finally getting it right??

sorry i know this is kinda of a double post, but i really need some input since i want to start my training regime as soon as possible…

I just wanted to know if these speed and tempo sessions are set up correctly (ie have proper volume, rest etc).

Here are the speed sessions (done after weightlifting power to the people style, so the weights themselves aren’t that taxing)

speed session 1 (short sprints):
10x10m (30 secs -1min rest between reps)
6x30m (2mins rest between reps)
6x40m (3-5mins rest between sets)
… with 3mins between sets

Speed session 2- medium sprints-
5x40 (rest 2-3mins between reps)
3x60 (rest 3-5mins between reps)
3x100 (rest 5-8 mins between reps)
3x10 depth jumps
3x10 bounding

Here are the tempo sessions done alternating days to the sprints… my goal for tempo however is more for cardiovascular conditioning as a posed to recovery, so i was wondering if i set it up correctly for that goal:

Tempo 1 (70-75%): 6 sets of (50+100+150+200 meters)
rest between reps will be 10 seconds after the 50, 20 seconds after the 100, 30 seconds after the 150, then i rest 1mins between sets.

Tempo 2 (70-75%) - run 30, do burpees for 10 seconds, jumping jacks for 10 seconds, then run 30 again… repeat for 10 sets then rest for 1 min

Run 50, burpees for 10secs, split jumps for 10 secs, run 50… rest 10 secs, then repeat for 4 sets then rest for 2 min

run 100 m, walk 50m, repeat 10x then rest 1min

run 60m, walk 30m, repeat 10x, then rest 1 min

run 150 rest 25 seconds, then run 150 again

Also i will be playing indoor soccer once/week

How does it look?

Tempo looks alright but the volume is pretty high. Start off at about 1000m and build up each week.

Speed sessions volumes are fine but what is more important is how you progress the training from week to week.

Just going out there and running 3x100m is going to be a shock for the system on the first day of training. You want to start out running either shorter or longer than this and increase or decrease the distance each week until you get to the 3x100m by the end of the year (when you are competing).

A very basic (e.g. don’t do this its just getting the idea across) example would be:




If you watch the Van’04 DVD they have a full programme for both of these approaches, called long to short and short to long, so you can see whats going on. There is also full explanation by CF.



But are the rest intervals between my sprints enough? i usually try to do 30-60 seconds/10metres sprinted… is this ok???

And what about the plyos in do on my 2nd sprint day… is 3x10 ok or should i aim for more sets and lower reps like 5x5 or something?

I would be loose on the rest for the first few sessions and adjust it to fit. The main thing is to make sure your speed workout is of high quality.

60 seconds for every 10 minutes is about par.
I think you’re OK with the 3x10, but it may depend on which plyos you’re doing. Some are much more demanding than others. If you have some tough ones, the 5x5 setup may be better.
For example, single leg hopping for distance would be a tougher one. Ankle hops or speed bounding would be easier to handle with more contacts.