Am I eating to little?

As a follow up to chris30’s post here is what I usually eat through the day:

ca.09.00 Four slices of bread with cheese and/or cold cuts.

ca.12.00 Two slices of bread with honey.

ca.13.00-15.00 Practice.

ca.15.00 Dinner - chicken with potatoes ,sausage with potatoes etc…

Evening Some fruit - usually a couple of bananas or apples.

Too little protein?

What is your bodyweight/height?
How often are you training? Do you gain weight easily? I am a hard gainer/ectomorph. If I dont eat like a horse I lose weight and strength fast. I go by the suggestion of about 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Frequent small meals to keep metabolism up. Has been working ok for me so far. I would literally pass out if I ate what you ate and attempted to train like I am now. I need the extra fuel but some people can get away with less food.


I’m 188cm and 73-75 kilos (depending on the time of year) but can probably drop to about 70 if i do tempo regulary.
I do speed and weights on Mondays and Fridays. Speed only on Wednesdays and tempo on the days following speed.
I plan to take Surge directly after weights on Monday and Friday ,postponing dinner for an hour.

ahh ok you are pretty light. I am 88 Kilos :frowning:

Are u getting any greens / salads Thor ?
I’d have the fruit for breakfast and a glass of skimmed milk at least as a post recovery drink , which would also be a good time for honey if ur gonna have it .
How about adding some flax / fish oil twice a day and / or some nuts at breakfast .

I’d die on this amount lol - I eat similar if not greater amounts than Chris and I’m still 75 kg lol
scuse me - u posted while I was writing - surge is a great idea

Not much muscle yet though ,but the strenght I had in my youth are slowly returning. I believe I can get a decent power to weight ratio in a couple of years but I am looking to add some bulk to my legs.

wow! thor. your only gettin around 75 grams of protein! And the rule of thumb is one gram per pound. so for kilos id say doubble it.

you need to at the minimum, triple the amount of protein you are taking in. also you might want to consider some better choices for protein, cold cuts/sausage aren’t the best way to go. you also need to change up the carbs. bread definitely needs to be replaced & the fruits you do eat (apples & bananas) are probably the 2 fruits you want to limit as much as possible. look into getting some flax or fish oils because you have virtually no healthy fats in your diet either.

Gloopzilla , vegtables/greens is something I’m looking to add ,probably starting with dinner.
The fruit in the evening are a buffer against the candy/liquorice craze I get when training hard. I hope taking Surge will diminish it a little.

Regarding bread I actually used to eat it in the evening too. I’m looking to replace my two slices of honey pre-workout (but the breakfast will stay) perhaps with something rich in protein?

How about this:

ca. 09.00 Four slices of bread and a glass of milk.

ca. 12.00 Pre-workout meal - protein-rich.

ca: 15.00 Surge

ca. 16.00 Dinner - Less sausages more chicken breasts! Some vegetables.

ca. 18.00 Protein-shake.

Later Assorted fruits ,nuts ,vegetables.


check out

Maybe swap the nuts and fruit with the Pre-workout meal.

Leave all the protein for later and take in the Carbs pre work out?

Add a fat source (or the nuts) with the Protein shakes too might help.

If you want to add weight I would use the shakes as supplements to meals rather than as meals in themsleves if you understand my point.


Bread and milk.





An evening meal proper ,with a protein shake.

if you are set on bread and milk for breakfast, try to at least get some egg whites in there or cottage cheese.

What you are saying is that I ought to take in more protein at breakfast?

yes try to get in around 30g.

Hey Thor, dont you become extremely hungry through the day?
I’m 192 cm and 83 kgs. (still have a lot of muscle to build)
and this I eat on a normal day:

10.00 : 200 grams(4 slices) of bread with cheese/ham/strawberry jam/leverpostei/etc etc + glass of milk or fruit juice + protein shake (30-40 grams)

  • Training -

13.30 - Oatsl or some “corn-mix” + some fruit (banana) + protein shake 30 grams
17.00 - Dinner - everything from fish to chicken to pancakes.
20.30 - Oatsl or some sort of corn mix
00.00 - 200 grams(4 slices) of bread with cheese/ham/strawberry jam/leverpostei/etc etc + glass of milk or fruit juice + protein shake (30-40 grams)

I only eat vegetables with dinner… how does this sound compared to Thor’s food-intake ?

i weigh around 225lbs right now, here was my day:
7:15am - 2 whole DHA omega 3 eggs/5 regular whites
half of a red pepper & 1/2 cup mushrooms
1/2 cup oatmeal (not instant)
9:30am - heaping tblspn of natural peanut butter
10:30am - 1 can tuna in water
1:15pm - 1 cup of cottage cheese
4:30pm - 16oz chicken breast
1 cup whole wheat pasta
7:30pm - 1 can tuna in water
10:00pm - 1 pouch of tuna in sunflower oil

its tough for me not to eat in between meals, so when i do its usually blueberries or vegetables. i eat about 3 full size cucumbers a day & 2-3 peppers a day. for those wondering my grandpap has a garden about the size of half a football field (no pesticides either).

ESPN, I would look into some Medium chain triglycerides if I was you, good diet, but make sure you get each type of fat in your diet.

What calories do you work on?

thor use this as an example

0900-20g protein(shake),pint water/green tea/cereal natural/fish oils

1200-pre workout fruit(easily digestable fruit)/small amount of plain bread(1slice),water

1500-post workout 20g protein+40-50g carb shake,vit c,water,Mvit

1800-main meal protein source ie chicken,lean meat etc,greens,water,fish oils,green tea

2000-protein shake,fruit,water

2200-lite snack b4 bed + zma etc