ALLYSON FELIX Lifting Results

What do you guys think about this obviously
this is pretty impressive.

This is probably why she can beat most guys
and hold her top- end speed very well because of these marks in the gym.

Any thoughts?

Quote from USATF < athlete’s bio>

her mother, Marlean, is an elementary school teacher…high school teammates call her “chicken legs” due to her long, spindly legs…didn’t start running track until her freshman year of high school…USA Today reported that she has leg-pressed 700 pounds on a machine and dead-lifted 245…

Kenny Mac~~~~~~

I don’t think you can really correlate deadlift & leg press numbers to track performance.

Leg press #s are usually total bullshit and worthless. Her deadlift is good but I got a (small) girl who deadlifted 245 in high school and runs about 14 for 100m

So the #s look pretty good but just because you get a tall slim girl to deadlift 250 doesn’t mean she’s going to run 22 (or 23 or 24).

These info comes from 2003 when she was still working with strength coach Barry Ross. She has moved to Pat Connolly in 2004 and now Bobby Kersee in 2005. So a lot of things happened and training changes happened since then. Anyway, Allyson is brillant, regardless who coaches her…

Article on Strength training by Barry Ross, with reference to Felix’s training:

I was going to point that out. Look to the Special Endurance work for the explanation for her results.

Also a case here where it appeared that she needed strength work to get faster. The same benefits won’t be true for other athletes who have adequate strength levels in place. It’s very individual. I know people who have trained the exact routine he prescribes and got slower?? How is that? Again look to the needs of each individual not the exercises creating magical results. It could be a great methodic schedule if the certain athlete needs those traits!!!


Do you have proof that you can’t correlate her deadlift numbers with her sprint performance? It’s a fun thing to say and fling out there like it’s credible but I’m wondering where one would get that.

Comparing her to another sprinter doesn’t help you because your girl could be a clutz. The power + its delivery system = speed. She has plenty of both and would be obviously much slower without the former. You must be one of the Mysterious Technique Gurus…

wow, dont know what to say.

Like you say, it’s not solely down to the issue of strength though. I think I read Loren Seagrave said somewhere that if it was just down to strength, weight/power lifters would be the fastest men in the world.


Felix 6.19 11.15 16.28 21.81

Felix looks like much Grace Jackson in 1988 11.08 22.27 49.56 before Seoul and in Seoul she ran that 21.72 in final, chasing Flo Jo. Perec used to train specifically for 400m with relatively low volume and this didnt disturbed her speed qualities allowing her to clock 10.96 and 21.99, i think thats the same scheme as Sanya Richards. Felix preparation is toward 200m thats the difference i think.

Do we have any more details of the training followed by Felix and Richards? I would have thought Richards uses the train slow race fast or whatever the philosophy Clyde Hart endorses is called?? I assume that’s relatively high volume as the intensity must be lower??

Reply Deadlift & sprint

There are a lot of power lifters who do 300kg reps and yet they would struggle to break 15s for the 100m. Deadifts does have a role in developing good eccentric strength in the hamstrings thereby preventing injuries for sprinters.

Bobby Kersee - ex Flow Jo - uses quite a bit of CF’s stuff from what i remember but perhaps runs long to short?

Bobby Kersee is actually at the same track as HSI, and from what I’ver seen, the overall plan is not unlike the l-s schedule that Charlie gave (I’m not sure that that’s a coincidence). There’s a LOT of overdistance with SEII out to 600. It is NOT low volume.

Also note the weight schedule, emphasizing hypertrophy, with squats something like 4 sets of 15 reps, that tamfb posted some months ago. If you want to talk about those 1X3 deadlifts that Barry Ross had her do years ago, you have to talk about the hypertrophy stuff that Bobby had her do this year with the 21.81. Bobby and Allyson are actually laughing at Barry Ross’ stuff these days, and much more is being said about the much larger work volumes that Allyson is able to handle these days.

Charlie had it right a couple of years ago–look at the special endurance.

bobby is one of those old school coaches.

Loren is correct, but that’s not what’s really being said here.

The actual point of contention is, if you take a sprinter that weighs around 120, and she increases her posterior chain strength to the point that her deadlift increases from around 135 to somewhere in the 300 range, and her weight only increases to around 123, would this increase in posterior chain strength, which did not come with a significant body weight penalty, be transfered to the track allowing her to run faster.

Because our athletes in our training group suffer a lot from hamstrings injuries, i got interested in the ‘Dead lift’ exercise. We do a lot of hamstrings/strength exercises, but not the deadlift. So i am thinking, what are the positive effects of this exercise, regarding to hamstrings ?

Plz correct me if someone got another opinion, but when you start the Deadlift, your hamstrings are nice stretched and when u pull the weight, they have to work all the way. So my guess is that the Deadlift is good, regarding hamstrings, because you kindda stretch these muscles at the start of the exercise. It’s different then a simple concentric hamstring exercise. So you will gain strength in the hamstrings, but without the ‘shortening because of more strength’-effect. Some thoughts about this ?

What hamstring exercises were you doing before? Deadlift variations are great, but there are a lot of good ham exercises as well. Squat and lunge variations, ghr, hypers/reverse hypers, good morning, etc. are all good.

We do Squat, but not the deep squats, so not that kind of ‘stretch’ i meant in my previous post that you got from the deadlift.

Yeah we also do lunges, i don’t know what ghr is, but i found this : Glute-Ham Raise ( ) and YES, we also do this exercise !
No hypers, no good mornings.

So what i do for my hamstrings :
Hamstrings concentric at such a device where you sit down, knees stretched en try to bent them with a weight-resistance, don’t know the name…
When standing on one feet, other upper leg horizontal, lower leg vertical knee 90°), with a stretching rope around your ankel, and try to bent your knee (so again, concentric exercise) with resistance…

This is slightly off track but I recall a month or so ago reading an article in Athletics Weekly discussing Allyson’s lifting regime and it’s debt to Pavel T. I remember remarking at the time that the philosophy seemed incredibly simplistic.

Anyone who’s been involved with Powerlifting will know that, for intermediate lifters and above, deadlifting more than once per week above 80% will very quickly lead to overtraining.