all you 100/200 guys....what's your maximum squat?

Just curious were everyone is at with their maximum FULL DEPTH squat…and at what bodyweight?

405 @210lbs for a max single box squat(10inch box)

I tripled 335 buried at 195 pounds several months ago but my squat has been crap lately. (Lucky to do 305 for a single buried now)

3 x 80 kilos… :o

I weigh 67 kilos and did a 120kg triple on saturday (4 days ago) all the way down…left a sweaty butt mark on the floor :slight_smile:

260lbs at 165lbs couple months ago

I weigh between 140 and 145 lbs, and I have been able to do a one rep max of 420 lbs.

I weigh 153 and my squat max is 300 and my bench is 320. hows that for a cockeyed ratio?

My maximums, actually these are 2 reps max, are 330 deep squat, 460 1/2 squat and 310 deep front squat, all at 150 body weight. But - haha - :smiley: :smiley: my maximum bench is just 185, guess I need some work there don’t I :rolleyes: . Something more interesting to know then what everyones max is, is at what weights everyone started to feel their lifting was really helping them in their sprinting. I think once I passed 240-260 pounds I really started to feel the difference, in particular seeing how I could do weighted sled accels with much more weight and much more ease was really that “wow, I’m becoming an animal with these weights” moment. I guess the relevant thing to compare between different individuals would be the body to weight, this was around 1.8-1.9 weight lifted to body weight I really began to feel the difference.

Damn, that’s one heck of a weight @ 67 kilos body mass if you’ve been training for just a month. I’m amazed at your progress, you’ll be tearing the blocks off the ground by next season. Keep up the good work!

I told ya aln I’ll see you at orlando guaita if everything goes well!!! plus, I talked to Richard Quezada (my new coach…didn’t have one before) and he thinks that I shoyld get to 11.0something within the next 4 months, hopefully putting me in range for Orlando Guaita in July??? and the indoor season here in Chile.

Send me some fotos of you and your people training, I’ll post some of mine

440lb x 6 to parallel is my best.

My personal best right now is 425 at a body weight of 176. My goals is to get it to 485 before the season starts (late Jan.) and maintain from there.

Well with a body weight of (on avg.) 132 pounds, I squated (to parrallel) 350 pounds, pretty easily. Looking to increase in upcoming weeks.

500 parrallel at 168 pounds.

Just started back training after 6 month break …

Not sure what my 1RMax is but I do …
305 for 6 sets of 5 @ 195lbs.

How is that?

Squat 220 kg at 71kg body weight to parrelel back in may 03, no where near since due to injurie. (thighs like tree trunks, and just as solid).

Good grief. What is it like to have 500 pounds on your back? Do you fel like you’ll burst a blood vessel somewhere?

I am a competitive swimmer. I had ACL-replacement surgery (patella graft) on my left knee 6 months ago. Now I am doing one-legged squats and hamstring work in hopes of improving my running speed. I remember reading Ian King, who said you shouldn’t bother squatting with both legs until you can do a full one-legged bodyweight squat. My legs are ridiculously weak. I can almost do the one-legged squat with the right leg, but the left leg isn’t even close.

315 full squat @ 180. Aln, I’m in the same boat, 185 bench also. :smiley:

500 at 168 is world class. that is almost a 3-1 strength to weight ratio.
You should get into powerlifting as well hehe! :cool: