All-Time Rankings

just to get everyones mind ticking over thought i’d post these stats for discussion…

Rank Adjusted Official Wind Athlete Date Venue Altitude (m)
1 9.80 9.79 0.1 Maurice Greene 1999-06-16 Athens 110
2 9.81 9.8 0.2 Maurice Greene 1999-08-22 Sevilla 10
3 9.83 9.82 -0.2 Maurice Greene 2001-05-08 Edmonton 680
4 9.84 9.86 -0.4 Ato Boldon 1998-06-17 Athens 110
5 9.85 9.86 -0.2 Maurice Greene 2000-01-09 Berlin 35
6 9.85 9.79 1.1 Ben Johnson 1988-09-24 Seoul 100
7 9.85 9.84 0.2 Bruny Surin 1999-08-22 Sevilla 10
8 9.85 9.87 -0.3 Maurice Greene 2000-09-23 Sydney 45
9 9.86 9.85 -0.2 Tim Montgomery 2001-05-08 Edmonton 680
10 9.86 9.86 -0.4 Frank Fredericks 1996-03-07 Lausanne 600
11 9.86 9.77 1.6 Asafa Powell 2005-06-14 Athens 110

mo had definetly the BEST PERFORMANCE EVER with his 9,79, 9,80 and 9,82 in Edmonton with injury and -0,2w .

Even Asafa has to show this kind of performances at major champs and gatlin isnt even better than 9,8x

gatlin just ran 9.76? i dunno how much wind aid that was but still…

Please. This garbage from Greene fans is getting old. If he could have run faster, he would have. The only race to really support the claims is Edmonton, but other than that, read Mo’s own quotes on wind and see if you continue to say what you do. He himself has said it doesn’t effect him much and doesn’t help him a significant amount either.

wind 0,1 and 2,0 is definetly up to 0,08.

But anyway: Great race from Gatlin. I have to say: I m surprised !

I think Asafa can lower the WR down to 9,73 this year. He looked incredible easy. Great comp between them…

And all of the times Mo had the hardest tracks, warmest weather, and nice tailwinds? He said himself that too much wind breaks down his form.

i think, the main difference btw asafa e justin is in their head
ok, training (overall aspects) can be another aspect but mentality and killer instinct are in favour of justin
ant that is a BIG DIFFERENCE

Yeah he said that after-2002 after his technique was recked by 2001-injuries and was being rebuilt by him and John Smith for the next 2 years (2002-2004; see HSI video when him and John Smith are tying a new start technique circa 2003 before the Worlds)

Mo in pre-2002 form took full advantage of good conditions and it aided him (9.79w in '98, 9.84w in '98 in a Heat, 9.84w in Pre Classic '99 fooling around in the final metres, 9.92w in Pre Classic '01 coming from some 2metres down on Pat Jarrett (flyer) & Tim Montgo) need I say more?)

breaks him down… The time goes down.
law of nature exists for everybody

Ummm no. If your form breaks down, you won’t run as fast. The wind isn’t blowing you down the track, just decreasing air resistance, but since you’re moving faster than the wind is blowing, you still do have some resistance. If your form breaks down, you get injured and/or don’t run as fast, simple as that.