All the works of a sprinter

Who explain me this table of all the works of a sprinter? “Developing the Energy Systems (100m)”

I have doubts about the definition of power or capacity in relation to the recovery time between reps.

The difference and the pursued objectives with speed anaerobic power and speed alactic power.

If anaerobic means involvement of lactate, why is the difference with speed alactic power? only the total distance? (excluding the intensity, but this is superior in speed alactic power which therefore should produce more lactate…

The same thing, the difference between glycolytic capacity and glycolytic power.

Finally, if somebody can put links, free books or pdf where these works of sprinter will explain.


I seen this site back in 2001/2002 and printed off the 100m page along with that energy system concept, and I’d think and ponder of the material writings in relation to the more familiar seemingly more massive top power sprinters of the years preceding(mo greene, ato boldon, dwain chambers). I just looked at the last 2 letters at the top of the website address and seen ‘UK’, and came to the conclusion that someone from the UK used dwain chambers style of training to develop this energy system, even though I had no idea of his training(just had seen and remembered his 1999 seville 100m final bronze where his style was like powerful bounding even for the last 30m).

Also had just been doing that marching warmups preceding that skipping warmups(summer 2002)prescribed in that sites ‘older past100m page’ and was having ‘behind the knee pain’ and ‘hip flexor strainish feels’ whenever just doing the marching, skipping, short recovery short sprint runs, or walking back to start line between reps. I then remembered hearing chambers was having behind the knee tendon pain in the leadup to edmonton wc 100m and figured he probably got it by going back to some form of his ‘power stride /stride spacing hurdle runs’. I then attributed or similarily categorized those ‘dwain chambers stride length/stride spacing accels’ with this ‘energy system speed brackets classification table’(the speed anaerobic power and speed alactic power you’ve pondered about above)

Thanks for the response !!!

I did not know the situation of Chambers.

The primary source of this table is american, it is of Winkler and Gambetta.

The book in which it is spoken is this:

WINKLER, G, GAMBETTA, V. (1987) Classifications of energy systems for sprint training. Track Techniques. 100, p. 3193-3195

I tried to look on the web, but I found none.

Vern Gambetta is quite famous, he lives in Sarasota, in Florida.