After 1st peak?

Our National Championships will take place next week. After that, European meets. Do you think a week “holiday” for the athletes will be advisable?

Where do I start after that? To prepare for these meetings, as well as World Championships - back to the “short to long” principle?

What do you recommend to emphasise the readiness of an athlete to handle several rounds at WC?

Thanks for the TREMENDOUS assistance in this forum!

Time off depends on the level of the athletes and the extent of their training. For athletes with an extensive background, a week of active rest can be good. For lower level athletes, or those with less background, I’d use 3 or 4 days of active rest.

back when I was coaching Universities, ALL the athletes I had welcomed a full week off (2nd week of March) to catch up on their school work and get ready for finals in April!

Charlie ,
Picking up on your reply to sprint coach , what woul you advise me to do in this situation.
Here in OZ my sprinter has just completed is peak/season and our next season starts inlate oct/nov.Folowing your principles of short to long do we now go back (i think not) or do we try to maintain .the level of performance we have achieved and cotinue with our current program of speed ,tempo, speed endurance ,as applicable to the 120/200 metres or try to continue to improve performance with regenerative breaks thru to the start of the next season