Afraid of peaking too early in the!

Alright, after closer analysis of this past year’s training, I’ve realized a few things:

  1. I started my sprinting routine in SEPTEMBER
  2. I messed that up and around November/December started a short GPP(8 weeks?)
  3. I started full Speed Endurance around March, another big mistake. I ended up peaking early May

Now, here I am. I’ve already started my sprinting routine correctly, in GPP phase. Now here’s whats up.

  1. I started last week of June, which means I’ve already started 2 months earlier, and I’ve already started with the correct phase and distances.
  2. My first week went like this:
    Monday: Accel Dev: 5x20m/3x30m/2x10m
    Friday: Hill sprints: 8x20 walkback rec.

I don’t know exactly how to phrase the question to get the answer I’m looking for I guess, but I’ll give it a shot: How can I properly structure my workouts and volumes so that I can properly peak for spring competition? I want to make maximum gains, and be at peak speed at the right time. I’m afraid I’m going to peak even earlier this year since I’m starting 2 months earlier.

Thanks for any help,


Chances are you’re not fast enough for peaking to be a serious problem. If you’re still consistently improving month to month than you don’t need to worry about peaking.