affect of long distance warm up on sprint training

Do you guiys think it would hinder my speed if I jog 1 mile for warm up before training



Erick,do what you need to do in order to feel warmed up.if it takes you 10minutes of jogging or 10mins of cycling well thats life.everyone is an individual and certain people can warm-up quicker than other people so its highly individual.

just think E,how many athletes do you see using jogging for the initial warm-up…?

My warm up often takes 15 - 30 mins longer than anyone else I see - which bugs me but I just don’t feel right unless I do it - I’ll often do 10 mins gentle x-trainer to loosen my calves b 4 a 1600m jog / skip .
I’ve gotten used to this over the last year and anything that avoids injury has got to be worth the extra effort even if you have to take ur energy pool into account over the whole session .

I just can’t do a jog for warm-my quads tighten up (and calves somtimes), but feel nothing in my hams. Is it ok to do what I’m doing- just 60m repeats starting v.slow and progressing in speed?

Is there a need for the distance?

There are more effective ways to warm-up for sprint work. There are no neuro components to this work.

Erick as you can see your warm-up is totally different than gloops and jimbos.what does that tell you?? it tells you that everyone is an individual and people have various ways of warming up.the whole emphasis on warming up is to elevate temp so that the task ahead will be well prepared for.

jimbo if that works for you then stick with it.just remember to slowly warm-up just the same way you cool-down.take your time

Basically the same thing happens to me Jimbo. My calves feel tight too when I do more than a one lap jog warmup.