Would it be adviseable for a beginner to start sprint training and strength training at the same time? Or would that be too much? I’ve actually had past experience with both sprint training and strength training, but it’s been 2 years since sprint training and several months since strength training.

No problem starting both at the same time

  • just take it easy starting
  • don’t over do anything.

Start with a good flex. plan
Then go with 2-4 weeks of body weight exercises only.

Move to light weights getting form correct and progress from there.

As Herb said recently and as I now know since my dad as has been getting into sprint training a little now, when you’re getting started its good to do gradual accelerations into a high speed instead of trying to go fast from the start.

Let me revise the question: is it OK to begin HEAVY strength training and sprint training concurrently? I’m thinking I would keep the lifting volume low… 3-4 exercises, something in the neighborhood of 3 sets 5 reps.

kevin you will have to take things easy for a while.if you try to much too soon you will suffer,leading to exessive over-training which will cause big troubles.

sure you can do track then weight but build a solid base first.if you are a sprinter then sprinting will have more emphasis rather than advice is get on the track first,hit the weights room but build up the sets slowly until you get to the level you want to be at.

don’t forget that recovery will be vital when doing speed+weights so do all the methods for recovery you of luck